There Is No Political Solution



I understand. You want to believe. You want to believe that you are free and that your chains are an illusion. You want to believe that the political elite will solve our problems. The same problems that they created. For their own benefit.

But at some point, you have to take stock of reality. You have to understand what is at stake. You have to understand that the choice is simple: will you submit your children to slavery?

David DeGerolamo

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2 Responses to There Is No Political Solution

  1. norseman says:

    well said sir

  2. xtron says:

    there is no government like no government.
    WHEN…not if…when the government crashes from the excesssive corruption, hopefully, the majority of citizens will realize, and admit, that it was government that caused the problems, and, replacing one corrupt government with another corrupt government is not the answer.
    instead, to be truly free, man must cast off the chains of government and live by the laws of nature(natural law) and the laws of whatever higher power he chooses to believe in.

    but don’t hold your breath, cause a leopard can’t change his spots, and sheeple will alwys be sheeple

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