This Does Not Bode Well

UPDATE 1: I forgot to add that powder to reload 223/556 has been backordered for over a month from another distributor.

UPDATE 2: To buy the magazines from this distributor requires an FFL. That means someone or some company bought over $5 million worth of magazines in one purchase. This definitely was not a case where a large number of individuals were buying these magazines online without a license.

Number of Gen 3 PMags sold from by our distributor over the weekend: over 500,000

Number currently in stock: 0

Estimated receipt of new units: unknown

David DeGerolamo

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23 Responses to This Does Not Bode Well

  1. bogsidebunny says:

    Interesting alright. There’s more than one way to “ban” high capacity magazines. I wonder who the main purchaser was. George Soros, maybe?

  2. Exring says:

    Perhaps the same purchaser that managed to get 22LR off the market and, as an end result, increase the price once that market opened up. Who’s buying for the Us Gov’t?

  3. Ben C says:

    Take off the tin foil hats guys. Federal judge in Cali just ruled the state ban on standard (30 round) cap mags is illegal, and the whole state just stocked up.

    This is the result of a court victory and a good thing for every gun owner in the nation.

    • David says:

      Possible. We asked the distributor who bought the magazines and why. They were very tight lipped. If you are correct, I believe they would not have been on edge. It also does not explain why we could not backorder the magazines or when they would be resupplied.

    • bogsidebunny says:

      That single judge’s ruling will be trashed by a liberal stacked Federal court. The Socialists will never stop their efforts to achieve complete control over the “peasants”.

  4. Ben C says:

    Either that or it was the assclowns at Cheaper Than Dirt buying them all at normal price to try to sell to Cali residents at an inflated price as supply drops due to all the new customers. Those guys like to f*** customers.

    Palmetto State Armory just put out (another) marketing email saying they were happy to ship mags to Cali and still had stock.

  5. NC556 says:

    Or maybe it is just all the Bump Stock owners who are refusing to turn them in stocking up for when the Gestapo shows up at their door.

  6. Liberty4Ever says:

    Anyone not sitting on a mountain of 30 round Pmags with over 50 pounds of rifle powder for reloading hasn’t been paying attention. 🙂

    Kind of like New Orleans complaining that nobody told them that they live below sea level, their levies were in a sad state of .gov mismanaged disrepair, and the next category 5 hurricane was going to flood their city. We heard that with every hurricane in the Gulf for a decade before Katrina.

  7. Liberty4Ever says:

    I was afraid the post stating that a federal judge in California overturned the state legislature’s magazine ban was an April Fool prank. I’m glad to see that it’s not.

    Hey California! You’re welcome for the 14th amendment that protects your right to keep and bear arms (as described in the 2nd amendment) from your own state legislature.

    • David says:

      It makes sense that sales have increased since the California ruling. We ended up buying the PMags for laser engraving at Brownells today. They did not have any inventory issues and even had 10% off and free shipping.

  8. All you can want, here:

    And here:

    And here:

    And for those that like stainless steel mags, as many as you like, here, under $12:

    Point is, don’t let a perceived mag shortage get inside your head. Or powder, or surplus ammo. The demand has gone through the roof with the current climate nation wide, and there is limited supply due to BJIT inventory practices.

    Example: Federal HST .45ACP is now .50 cents per round. Lasts time I checked (about 2 months ago) it was about .39, give or take the retailer.

    People are buying ammo, mags, weapons, and loading components like there’s no tomorrow.

  9. Charley Waite says:

    This what is saying on their website. Doesn’t fit with your links? Whats the truth?

    “Unfortunately, we are still unable to sell high capacity magazines to our CA customers. The recent court ruling only blocked a 2016 law that would have made high capacity magazines already owned by CA residents illegal to possess or sell.”

    • The Old Guide says:

      Look at the date. Read it to yourself out loud. Ponder it.

    • Aesop says:

      Re-think that.

      Benitez’ ruling makes any law banning large-capacity magazines unconstitutional, prima facie.

      In CA’s attempt to ban previously-owned mags, the legal ruling on that overreach means a state cannot block their sale or importation either, because that constitutes an illegal infringement on the 2d Amendment per Heller.

      And the 9th Circus holds jurisdiction over AK, HI, CA, OR, WA, AZ, NV, ID, and MT.
      The ruling de facto and de jure defangs any attempt at mag capacity limits in those nine states.


      And for those thinking this isn’t settled, the Ninth Circus will probably decline to hear the case en banc, because Judge Benitez ruled correctly, they all know it, and they know SCOTUS will just overrule them if they try to undo this. Again.

      Even the cement-headed hacks at the Ninth Circus are tired of being b*tch-slapped by SCOTUS seven times a day, so it’s doubtful they’ll entertain any further shenanigans by the CA AG & Co.

      And if the 9th refuses to hear it, SCOTUS will do the same thing, and the ruling stands, and sets precedent, as is.

      Courts are overburdened with cases as it is; they have little time to fix things that don’t need fixing. The only way for them to win this is not to play with it any more.

  10. Jaye says:

    I think it bodes well… there’s a lot of freedom flying off those shelves

  11. wirecutter59 says:

    Californians are stocking up in anticipation of the state finding a way to work around the ruling. Panic buying is a way of life for them.

    • Survivormann99 says:

      Panic buying is a way of life for a huge percentage of humanity. Period. It amazes me how, when a Class 4 hurricane is barreling down on some part of the Gulf or Atlantic Coasts, people make a run on gas, plywood, batteries, etc. How can people live in such places and not keep these things on hand? It seems to me that it is all part of a Darwin Test.

      In any event, the “panic buying” you describe is not accurate. No one in California has been able to walk into a gun shop and buy magazines holding more than 10 rounds since 1999, except for LEOs. The accurate phrase here is “pent-up demand.”

  12. Preacher says:

    Sure would be nice to find out were they are stashing them.

  13. tom rkba says:

    Some companies are selling magazines to Californians; others are not.

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