This Is the Vision for America by the Democrat Party

Although no Democrat politician will publicly condone this behavior, the absence of police as directed by their Democrat overlords allows these attacks to continue.

Pray for the people because praying for the country is too late.

David DeGerolamo

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1 Response to This Is the Vision for America by the Democrat Party

  1. Hadenoughalready says:

    Praying for the “people” IS praying for this country. It’s NEVER too late. Had Europe thought this way, they’d all be speaking German today.

    “Hope” is never lost, merely brought to the brink, to where only “prayer” is available.

    Perhaps this is where we need to be. Brought to that brink where we throw ourselves at the feet of the Almighty and ask for His Forgiveness and His Mercy and ask Him to guide us in our hour of need…?

    Remember the plight of the Israelites and remember what happened to them when they refused to cede their pride, their arrogance…DIASPORA.

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