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5 Responses to Thoughts

  1. lawless says:

    David, they are a great weapon. Buying one for me would be problematic because I want magazine commonality. Right now an AR 9mm or a Kriss are all that use my preferred Glock mags. Ruger’s 9mm carbine, if and when someone makes a bull pup kit, could also be a contender.

    Right now I am sold on the power and range my 10.5” AR 5.56 pistols provide, but I am interested in a 9mm sub-carbine.

    Another option, and one I owned is the Micro Roni, which is a Glock chassis. I sold it due to a few things I disliked.

    Fab Defense actually makes what I deem a better product.

    Note* CAA does make the Micro Roni in a brace model which requires no stamp for a SBR.

    Fab Defense is soon to have a brace model for their KPOS Scout and I am waiting on that.

  2. sawman says:

    I like the Kriss Vector in 45 which matches the Glock 21 including extended mags with a pistol brace. in 5.56 the Barnes Precision CQB pistol and the Kel Tec PLR-16 which is a great car gun. In 9 mm the CZ Evo carbine is a very accurate weapon and had a folding stock.

  3. Norseman says:

    I’ve shot the bigger version and was a fan . My only drawback thus far on any platform with less than a 16 inch barrel is the velocity and range lost . So for me if the engagement is less than 50meters I’ll use a sidearm .if over then a longer weapon with a minimum of 16 inch maybe even 18

  4. KJ4SFL QRZ says:

    Very niche area of use. I think a large from pistol with large capacity magazines would do what this does and more. Plus the $$$, ouch.

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