Time to Chose: Government or God

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Our country has now reached the final line in the sand. We have talked (and talked) about how our government has crossed lines in the past over specific issues. And we did nothing at each loss of our freedom to tyranny. At the success of each “nudge” by the government, it became even more emboldened to the point where we now find our president declaring that we must fund abortion regardless of our religious tenets concerning the sanctity of life.

We now have to decide if we will pay a tax to kill babies? We were never meant to be ruled by dictators and pretenders in DC (I no longer associate the good name of George Washington with our nation’s capital). And make no mistake: being forced to murder babies is a heinous crime against humanity and our Judeo/Christian foundation.

We all knew that the time was coming when we would have to decide between morality and subservience to rulers. We never thought that the decision would be so clear. We must NEVER surrender our Liberty and our children’s lives to men who have no honor. There is no gray area anymore. Standing up against the federal government is no longer treason to our country. Domestic enemies have usurped our freedom and it is time to stand. Period.

David DeGerolamo

Obama’s Final Word: Catholics Must Buy/Provide Coverage for Abortion Drugs

The Department of Health and Human Services today released the final text of the final adjustments to the Obamacare regulation that requires virtually all health-care plans to provide cost-free coverage for sterilizations, contraceptives and abortion-inducing drugs.

Catholics and Evangelical Christians have objected to the regulation, arguing that it violates their First Amendment right to the free exercise of religion. The Catholic Church teaches that sterilization, contraception and abortion are all intrinsically immoral. Evangelical Christians believe that abortion takes an innocent human life and is thus wrong.


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3 Responses to Time to Chose: Government or God

  1. Dave says:

    Whatever happened to the separation of church and state, the idea that one cannot tell the other what to do, the concept atheist fight so hard to pronounce whenever the Pledge of Allegiance is spoken in school or a nativity scene is displayed on government property ?
    Guess it. like the Constitution has outlived its usefulness, or people have become too immoral to care about these things.

  2. tmedlin says:

    the time is near…

  3. Larry Porter says:

    90% of the Latino population is Catholic. Wonder where they stand on this part of Obamacare. I guess they want to be citizens regardless of the tyrannical forces working here.

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