Time to Start Practicing the Rebel Yell

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9 Responses to Time to Start Practicing the Rebel Yell

  1. 173dVietVet says:

    One day, possibly 4 November 2020, the conflagration will be brought to the Patriots or they will bring it to the Demonics.

    One Hundred Days…..

    Prepare !!!!

  2. Schmendrick says:

    The true meaning of the 2nd Amendment is becoming abundantly clear now.
    It is not for hunting--it is for hunting communists, anarchists, looters, rapists and insurrectionists.

    If you are not strapped up--you are late to this party that is unfolding before your eyes and you will become a victim to the mobs.

    These are organized (well funded) events designed to cause the maximum amount of consternation and chaos before and soon during this election season--and their goal is to steal this election by any means possible, or even cause enough civil chaos to have it postponed or even cancelled by President Trump (and he would be fully justified in doing so).

    Get ready to wage a counter revolution.

  3. HJ Richards Ltc USAF (ret.) says:

    Today on the 26th of July I don’t think we can wait 100 days. The “peaceful” protesters have started shooting at those who are not with them. Only protesters have died so far. Now that a protester has been killed in Austin, I expect the “peaceful” protesters to feel justified in shooting and killing anyone who gets in their way. No person outside the protesters has died yet, give it time they will kill someone as they tried in Aurora this weekend. How many lives must be lost in this melee before someone steps up and says enough. Do not expect the democratic leadership to do so as this is what they want to get rid of Trump. The wilder and bloodier it gets will suite them just fine. If they think they can throw a switch on the 5th of November and stop this they are total fools. Those of us appalled by all that is happening are still waiting for some unknown signal to be sounded giving us the go code. That I am afraid it’s not going to come. It will happen when each of us feels the true personal pain from events, then we will react and from anger which will get us killed. We wait for Trump to take some action that will never come, he has been neutered by something or someone.
    So I ask how many need to die before the thousands of patriots, military and law enforcement, stand up as one voice and scream ENOUGH. We need to take up arms and shut this down one way or another. Sadly, I understand the only language these street communists understand, I fear the outcome from the blood that will flow, but to sit and keep waiting and watching hoping it gets better is a fools errand. The millions of lawyers and courts will say we can not take up arms, but I ask you who gives a crap what they say, as they have put us here in this untenable position.
    We can pray to God for help, but remember we as a nation told Him to get lost . WE took Him out of our schools, public meetings and public life. We are accosted for saying the name of JESUS in public, and they are burning our churches. The supreme court is telling us we do not have the right to attend religious services. And don’t forget that it was our high court that told us its perfectly alright to kill babies in the womb.
    I am old, and not the one to stand up and issue a rallying cry to patriots everywhere, but I will do my part, alone all I can do is get myself killed with no result. Yes, everyone is comfortable and do not want to jeopardize the peaceful life you think you are living. I understand, I would just like to live out what life I have left peacefully, but one way or another that will be taken away from me. So, how much longer will that peaceful life exist given the current environment of this once great country?

    IT is TIME NOW for a rallying cry to patriots to stand and be counted, not on a keyboard but in person on a battle line ready to do battle with all the ugly that comes with that.
    All I can pray is that GOD will stand with us as we take the stand that should have already been accomplished.


  4. GenEarly says:

    As a Southerner, with family that fought in the CW, whose sentiments are rooted in the Confederacy,
    I have thought long and hard about Our Flag for the coming conflagration. This will again be a CW, but on a County by County level at best and neighborhood and house by house at worse.

    We need the Broadest Appeal and also Offer Reassurance to Others in the populace.
    So my conclusion is to use the Betsy Ross Flag, the Pine Tree Appeal to Heaven Flag, or the current individual State’s Flag as appropriate..

    I know some will use the Confederate battle flag, I understand the sentiment, I have one on my porch, but strategically We should represent the Founding of the Country. We will have many Yankee Rebs this time around!!!

  5. Garry F. Owen, Trooper says:

    Well said, GenEarly.

  6. Gryphon says:

    The level of Violence is going to have to get a lot higher before it will become possible for Patriots to Fight Back -- Here’s Why-

    Currently, ANYONE who tries to Defend themselves in any way (even non-violently) has the full attention of the (communist controlled) ‘government’ focused upon them; Even waving a Gun at Trespassers who broke the Gate into your Back Yard results in Persecution for “Crimes”.

    Until the Violence gets to the point where the government thugpigs give up on Acting against the Citizens, it will be Ineffective to Defend oneself, as well as Impossible to form Groups (Constitutional Militias) to Defend your Community. This is because, so long as the bolsheviks have control of the corporate ‘government’, its entire Focus will be on advancing the communist agenda.

    • DRenegade says:

      Maybe. Let’s see the resolution in the Austin, TX incident.

    • GenEarly says:

      Hence, Location, Location, Location.
      The County Sheriff is The Most Important Elective Position in your life.
      Deputies are friendly and polite where I live, unless you’re manufacturing meth. then not so much. On the positive side the Gene Pool is self-cleaning.

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