TL Davis: Partisans of America

The problem with most patriotic Americans is they have not yet come to grips with the fact that they live in an occupied country. They are the modern equivalent of Yugoslavia or Poland of the Second World War. Except the U.S. has not been invaded by a foreign enemy, the U.S. has been converted to communism at every level of society and the depths to which that is true is only now becoming obvious, but still people in America refuse to recognize what is right before their eyes. 

If you watch this video, one that was made nearly forty years ago, you will understand it, grasp it with all of its weight.

You can start watching about 45:00 if you don’t need to know the legitimacy of the person speaking, but Yuri Bezmenov was the real deal, a KGB agent tasked with using the techniques we see playing out on our streets today. 

It’s way past the time for trying to figure out what’s happening. It has already happened. Look at all the indications of what was once America. Do you see sports the same way? Do you see the news the same way? Do you see school the same way? Is there one thing you can still do without some politics being involved in it? Don’t you see what they have done to your America? It’s all politics all the time with your sports team, the information you are allowed to see and hear, what your children bring back from school. It is a constant drumbeat of those tearing down everything American, preparing it for the change, when the flags come down and their flags go up. They are removing statues and defacing memorials and what government entity stands in their way? None. Ever. These governments are not on your side and I don’t care how many Republicans were elected. They gave up America to institute control over your building permits, your access to water, power, even cable TV. They want to tell you how to separate your trash for heaven’s sake. They can’t leave anything alone. They used liquor licenses, business licenses, barber licenses and daycare licenses to drive you back into your homes and obey their dictates. That was all the proof they needed of your status as a compliant communist patsy. 


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  1. Dr. Lon Schultz says:

    More good stuff David. The frog is slowly cooking in the pan of water and has no idea he is nearly finished. Keep trying to illuminate us all! Remember no good turn goes unpunished, be careful.

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