To My Brothers and Sisters In The Military

In 1945, before even most of your parents were born, the American military, along with those of the British, French, and Russian forces, put on trial the senior officers of the German military, for their role in following the tyrannical and despotic regime of Adolf Hitler, even into genocidal mania.

In every case, those commanders pled to that tribunal that they had no idea what all was being carried out by the Nazi high command, and that they were military soldiers, doing their jobs, and  “just following orders”.

To a man, that defense was thrown out as completely insufficient, and wholly inexcusable, and as a result, they were given harsh prison terms, and some were executed by hanging, for crimes against humanity. Because they did, indeed, “just follow orders”. 

The execrable letter above, from your duly appointed commanders, is nothing more nor less than them telling you to “just follow orders”.

The best face to put on it is that it constitutes nothing less than deliberate and damnable treason, by those very officers entrusted with the leadership of you all, and protecting the safety of the nation.

The generals and admirals you all swore oaths to obey (I swore the identical oath, like you, and it had no expiration date) have abdicated their leadership role above you, and have, with lies of omission, committed you to the same path as the German generals and admirals did to their troops in 1933. Rest assured, both they and the nation will bear the cost of their leadership failure, here and hereafter.

There are serious questions and challenges about the presidential election of 2020. Criminal flaws and unconstitutional breaches of law led to massive irregularites, and make that entire election’s alleged result entirely suspect, and the declared winner completely fraudulent.

You know about fraudulent enlistments. Some of you witnessed people in your basic training units or first duty stations suddenly whisked away, because it was determined by proper investigations that they had enlisted to serve fraudulently. That’s how it works in the military, and how it’s supposed to work in the nation at large. But the nation has been failed by those who should have known better. States certified elections, for partisan reasons, which even a blind man could see were falsified. Courts refused to so much as examine a single piece of evidence that would have proved such was so, beyond any reasonable doubt. The Congress followed suit and ratified those fraudulent certifications, and all levels of government intend to see to swearing in a commander in chief over you who has no more right to the office than does a banana.

We are not a banana republic. But your leadership wishes to behave as though we were.

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3 Responses to To My Brothers and Sisters In The Military

  1. tangle says:

    A very well written letter.

  2. Ace of Aces says:

    Thank You.
    Truth well spoken at a time when blatant fraud and corruption is coming at us from all directions -- worldwide. Vaccines being one of the greatest crimes ever committed against humanity. Men, women, baby’s, or the elderly -- it doesn’t matter who you are -- the agenda is to get those poisons into us for population control and for profit. How many men and women fill the veteran hospitals due to vaccines alone? Is their day’s of deception and profit about to come to an end -- it should!

    The Trail of Truth -- Europe’s version of VAXXED >

    Excellent information from Professor Cahill’s site:

  3. Ace of Aces says:

    A Good Organization is formulating in Europe…
    The World Freedom Alliance aims to facilitate an open platform to promote Freedom in all its forms Worldwide and to unite people around the world, and to provide information and share best practice between countries. We aim to ensure our cherished fundamental Freedoms, as outlined in the WFA Charter, are restored and maintained. Together, we can unite in strength, to promote Freedom, inspire Courage and give Hope in these times, please join us!

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