Trump Cleared – So What

So the Mueller Report was released yesterday. I haven’t had time to read it all yet. Not sure I’ll continue reading it. At this Point “What Difference does it Make?”
This whole investigation was flat out just an attack on the American People. We Deplorables went against what our elites had told us to do. We were suppose to vote for the anointed one Hillary Clinton. We didn’t and our country has paid the price for 2+ years.
You may not like Trump, you may not have voted for him, you may not vote for him in 2020. The fact of the matter is, a coup against the will of the American people was perpetrated because we refused to do what we were told.
Here’s the thing, We know what we have seen so far. We can all see the crimes. We know that the previous administration weaponized the FBI, shielded a favored candidate from criminal prosecution, abused the FISA court to spy on an opposition candidate, and deliberately worked to subvert the 2016 Presidential election.
Question? Has anyone been arrested and prosecuted for these crimes?

The rule of law is the legal principle that law should govern a nation, as opposed to being governed by arbitrary decisions of individual government officials.
I’ve written several times about how I believe the Rule of Law is and has been Dead. None of us wants to face the world we thought was coming in the future; now that future is here. There is no Rule of Law in this once great country. People will not accept the simple fact that there is no Republic without the Rule of Law.
The FIRST foundation of a civil society is The Rule of Law. Without it, there is literally nothing other than the Law of the Jungle.
If any ordinary citizen had done the things the previous administration has done, they would be rotting in a jail cell for the rest of their lives.
If this issue, the utter destruction of The Rule of Law is not addressed now, there is a very real risk that the spiral of events that has been growing, first slowly and now exponentially, could erupt into literal war within our own nation.
If it does, you had better get up and look in the mirror because it is the collective inaction and refusal to demand the restoration of the Rule of Law by the American people that has and will lead to this outcome. There is no violent repression by police or anyone else that can stop it.
Only restoring the Rule of Law so everyone has equal recourse to the law will stop and reverse what is otherwise inevitable.
The Democrat Party and their Media cohorts are willing to burn America down in order to steal it, and they are now the open enemy of the state and the people.
What are we going to do to stop it?
What if Nothing Happens? What if Crimes go unpunished? And the Elites and Oligarchs and the political class prove once again that they are just too big to jail?
What then? I could care less that Trump was vindicated. We all knew he was innocent. This was a Coup. What I want and what millions of the American People want is for people to be punished for their Crimes against us.
It’s Time to Hang the Treasonous Bastards!
I’ll close with a quote from my good friend T.L. Davis “If there be Lawlessness, What reason do any of us have for obedience?”

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3 Responses to Trump Cleared – So What

  1. Carl B. says:

    Obama, Hillary, and the top echelon of the Deep State need to be marched to the nearest wall and, well, you can guess the rest…..

  2. Bricky says:

    “This whole investigation was flat out just an attack on the American People”
    I disagree with that statement. The whole investigation was and still continues to be political pandering by both parties including the president to gain voter support before the 2020 election.

    Donations are pouring in for the president and Uniparty as I type.

    Civil war, with who? The most powerful MICC?

    How to Turn America into a Shit-hole Country in 4 Easy Steps

    Deep state is the Uniparty, government and lobbyists

  3. Al davis says:

    The only mistake made, in the otherwise great article is the use of the communist term “rule of law”, what should have been used is what we have in the U.S. which is”the rule ofConstitutional law” which is the exact opposite of “the rule of law” in rol, there is no “we the people” component. Conversely, in roCl, it is of the people, by the people, for the people! Same mistake is often made in referring to the U.S. as a democracy, another communist defined term, when what the U.S. actually is, is a representative republic!

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