U.S. judge sworn into office on Quran

Carolyn Walker-Diallo (Credit: Bossip)

Carolyn Walker-Diallo—the first Black Muslim Female Civil Court Judge in New York City—at her December 10 inauguration. Justice Walker-Diallo presides over the 7th Municipal Court District of East New York, Cypress Hills, Bushwick and Brownsville.

New York’s newest 7th Municipal District Court judge for the Brooklyn borough, a Muslim woman named Carolyn Walker-Diallo, has reportedly shied from the Bible and turned to the Quran to swear in to her seat.

The Gulf News first reported the matter, saying the use of the Quran gives “hope” to the Muslim community.


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8 Responses to U.S. judge sworn into office on Quran

  1. Bob says:

    Where’s her burka? Just another useful idiot the Muzzies will ‘off’ once they get their caliphate.

  2. Tom Angle says:

    I wonder how it is going to work out when she has to judge a muslim man?

  3. Average Joe says:

    Anyone want to do a bit of mental extrapolation on a ‘judge’ that swears an oath on a book which demands non-believers be converted, subjugated, or killed? How about a book that demands Sharia law? I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

    We would do well to remember and remind others this country was founded on Biblical principles which have been subverted and are now being replaced.

  4. LT says:

    Tom, when the real muslims come to power she will be burried in an unmarked grave, for the sin of “impersonating a man” -- that is, by becoming a “judge”, she has marked herself for death to all of islam.
    But in the United States, the muzzie groups (CAIR and ISNA)have been cultivating groups of American Converts into (false) congregations of “moderate muslims” so that they have groups which they can offer up for public inspection to prove that they are good and peaceful.
    One such mosque is in MacLean VA. There are several others in the Baltimore/Washington area, as well as in Philly, NYC, Atlanta, Austin TX, Chicago, and most other major cities.
    But all the real muslims know that those congregations are nothing more than a stalking horse which will be burned at the victory celebration…

  5. Phil says:

    it just keeps getting sicker and sicker, I believe there will be no end in sight until we eliminate and eradicate all the terrorist islamics from our country.

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  7. Average Joe says:

    If only they would stop at our country but as the blinding light of historical fact screams out, it is not and will not be the case.

    Next, don’t discount all this talk about “radicalized”, “fundamentalist”, “extremist” simple because such terms have been or will be applied to those who love and worship God above the state. Those who seek to follow the word of God on abortion, homosexuality, etc. are the next target.

  8. Phil says:

    we have been the target since the last 30 years when the demonrats along with the repuli-rats began to openly screw us.

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