Unconventional Warfare Strategies – Negotiation Skills 101

Here is another gem, in my opinion the best, from AnalyticalSurvival’s YouTube site.

It is very easy for a member of the prepper/patriot community, especially us fellows, to get caught up in the “Go to guns first” mentality. You got to admit, there’s nothing sexier than that new DS Arms FAL SA58 mini OSW. Talk about a “woodie”!

That being said, UW is a thinking mans war and very often what you say, or don’t, and how you say it, or don’t, can impact the long-term outcome of a situation, to your groups benefit, far more effectively than what kind of long gun your carrying and how fast you can do a mag change.


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2 Responses to Unconventional Warfare Strategies – Negotiation Skills 101

  1. Dave says:

    Same discussion is going on at Selco’s SHTF school, at WRSA its not a discussion. The guns first crowd have silenced the lets try other options if we can crowd.

  2. Robin says:

    Good to see someone is “thinking”. I’ll paraphrase both my now deceased father who served in the Pacific theater WWII and my mother’s current husband who was a full colonel in the same by saying “only a madman wants war”. A “hot” conflict will not bode well for either side I’m afraid.

    The best approach here now and always is probably: Pray for the best and prepare for the worst.

    You’d better believe that the “soft” war has long since begun and for now, the best way to counter is the same. Our founders as well as their contemporaries in the military knew this well, thus when all else had failed, they drew the British into the fray by letting them fire the first shot. And for that, well you know the rest…….

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