Understanding Pluralism and How The Communists Will Win

You need to read and understand this. By planting leftist government operatives in private data companies, the protections of the BOR are circumvented. We are being routed and you better grok this.




Edited to add:

Right now the “platforms” get their cake and eat it too, because they call themselves “platforms” not publishers. So they are not held criminally accountable when ANTIFA calls for violence but they are also policing like “publishers” by removing Liberty promoting content.

By getting their status as “platforms” removed and calling them publishers they will be held accountable for what they allow.

I support a company or organization in allowing and promoting what they will, but not in government protection from being accountable because “we’re just a platform, not responsible for what our contributors post” while at the same time prejudicially removing content they decide is not “right”.

We don’t allow certain things here, but are not without responsibility for what we do allow.

They have become a de facto government by controlling speech WITH THE HELP OF THE GOVERNMENT but with no protections for all people or repercussions for actions they promote. Actual former leftist government goons have been put into place to kill right speech and promote left speech, all while claiming to be a “platform” where all have a voice.

Understanding that data is the most valuable commodity of this age is key.

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16 Responses to Understanding Pluralism and How The Communists Will Win

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  2. LanceC says:

    Why are the Democrat/Communist allowed to destroy our country? Why do we patriots allow this to happen in plain sight? A partial answer is: first “awareness”, which is to start calling the Democrats what they truly are, “Communists”.

    • David says:

      You cannot use facts and logic when addressing the propaganda managed by the political elite through their media. If the real truth were understood, we would be out in the streets now. Our forefathers would have been in the streets ten years ago. What a sad commentary on the summer soldiers masquerading as “patriots” today.

      • mousieish says:

        The problem is not only lack of awareness to the actual gravity of the situation because of media control, but also because White people have been driven out of the cities, which makes it harder to organize protests. Europeans have an easier time of it because their countries are smaller and most people live in cities. The very size of the US, and the fact that we were able to retreat has worked against us. The growing awareness of the problem, combined with the fragility of our unstable society, means that we may have a chance to restore our nation, or at least carve out a new one for our race. Another thing to keep in mind is that our own government is deliberately working against its own citizens, which tells me that the government is already, and has been for a long time, communist.

        • David says:

          Trying to figure out if you are a troll by making this a race issue. That is a tactic the other side uses.

          • mousieish says:

            No, I’m not a troll. White people have been deliberately driven out of the cities, I suggest you read the book by E. Michael Jones, “The Slaughter of Cities”. It tells how and why it was done. Look at Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Washington DC, all the major cities used to be almost completely White, and now they are called, by their black mayors, ‘Chocolate Cities’. Would you want to live in any of those places if you think everyone is just the same? What am I supposed to think when these people call for the deliberate destruction of my race, my culture, and my civilization? Am I racist for wanting my own people to thrive? You know, you can only stick your head into the sand for so long, and try to make yourself believe that everyone means well.

          • David says:

            I read a portion of the Bell Curve when it first was published. The facts presented said that Asians were smarter than Caucasians who were smarter than Negroids. I took this as a challenge to more competitive with Asians.

            Around the world, the average IQ for East Asians centers around 106; that for Whites, about 100; and that for Blacks, about 85 in the United States and 70 in sub-Saharan Africa.

            Over 140 -- Genius or near genius.
            120 -- 140 -- Very superior intelligence.
            110 -- 119 -- Superior intelligence.
            90 -- 109 -- Normal or average intelligence.
            80 -- 89 -- Dullness.
            70 -- 79 -- Borderline deficiency.

            The facts concerning intelligence based on race is not to be discussed. When the collapse happens, I will treat everyone with a clean slate. Transgressions in this new world will not be easily forgiven and punishment will be swift. I am sorry will not be an acceptable excuse when people’s lives are on the line.

            To be clear, the Cloward-Piven Strategy has successfully used race to bankrupt our country and culture. Since we let this happen, are we not complicit?

          • mousieish says:

            The thing is, David, that the public was not consulted about any of this. In fact, when we voted, we generally voted for the opposite of what was ultimately done; in other words, we were lied to. Trump lied to us, even Merkel lied to the Germans — she first ran on closing the borders, I even saw that clip before it vanished down the youtube memory hole. You see, I don’t really have anything against any other race, I just prefer my own. As far as the allegedly superior Asian intelligence, if this is true, then why are they recruiting Whites from America and Europe to work there and make inventions for them? If the Chinese are so smart, why aren’t they thinking up everything themselves? IQ tests taken in the 1920s showed White men smarter than Asian men by around 5 or 6 points. Over the intervening years, the degradation of White boys and men has caused White IQ to slip a bit, but the Asian has remained constant. When the majority of inventions have sprung from White men and women, it’s hard for me to accept that Asians are smarter.

          • David says:

            The facts on racial IQ are documented. The reason that the Caucasian race has been more successful is due to Capitalism. When people are rewarded for the fruits of their labor, they have incentive to succeed. This was known as the American Dream in this country. Wherever success is rewarded, inventions, patents and copyrights are increased. China has a penchant for stealing other inventions and technology. Which is how the Clintons received their wealth from China and Russia. Another factor is culture. Creative thinking is a requirement for being able to think outside the box for innovation. As most people who have dealt with modern day call centers know, if you go off script taking to an Indian or Pakistani, they do not know what to do because it is not part of their culture.

            But back to our current situation. What good is innovation and creativity if it is under the control of a Communist Deep State that we have allowed to enslave us?

          • mousieish says:

            Oh, I agree, what use is innovation under communism? Not to mention the absolutely vile conditions under which most of the people live. Not only the often squalid physical condition, but also the omnipresent fear.

  3. Rabbi Will says:

    Amen gentlemen!

  4. Charley Waite says:

    I must say I love the GET OFF FACEBOOK and GET OFF TWITTER followed by a plug in that allows me to automatically share via Facebook and Twitter

    • lawless says:

      Where else to tell people to get out of a burning building?

    • mousieish says:

      Ironic, what?

    • David says:

      The Facebook and Twitter links are part of a WordPress plugin installed several years ago. Maybe it is time to uninstall it.

      • Sat Cong says:

        I was totally disgusted seeing the commies plug to subscribe under the article, as well as the login to post icons of the same scumbag corporations just below this dialog box.

        It takes very little effort to buy a domain, pay for data site, Write your own pages, FTP them to the server and cut the cord to the very enemies that are being talked about. I would add “GET OF WORDPRESS” TO THE LIST.

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