Unemployment in Winston-Salem, NC

The following report from the Winston-Salem Journal details the rise in unemployment in the Triad and Northwest North Carolina. I read the following question today and personally answered no:

Do you know anyone who has a job based on one of the stimulus programs?

Now ask yourself a related question:

Do you know anyone who has lost a job since the “recession” ended?

The solution to unemployment is simple: remove uncertainty in the marketplace due to government intervention by removing government intervention.

David DeGerolamo

Unemployment rate jumps 10.6% in Triad

Whatever ploddingly slow progress the Triad’s economy made this year in its job market was wiped out in June, according to figures reported Friday by the N.C. Employment Security Commission.

The jobless rate jumped to 10.6 percent from 9.9 percent in May. The rate was at 10.7 percent in January. The rate for the Winston-Salem metropolitan statistical area rose to 9.9 percent from 9.2 percent in May. The MSA consists of Davie, Forsyth, Stokes and Yadkin counties. The Forsyth County rate climbed to 10.1 percent from 9.3 percent.

The jobless rate climbed in all but one of the 14 counties in the Triad and Northwest North Carolina. Ironically, the one county whose rate did not increase — Davie County at 9.2 percent — learned Friday that 476 employees will lose their jobs at the Townsends chicken-processing plant in Mocksville by Oct. 4.

Commission officials and economists said several factors came into play in June to cause the jobless rate to spike. The first is the seasonal increase in teens, college students and school teachers entering the workforce during the summer, with apparently little luck.


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