US and EU call out Iran’s delay tactics at IAEA meeting

Satellite photos show Iran 'sanitizing' Parchin

On the heels of last weeks Iranian nuclear talks in Kazakhstan both the US and the EU voiced their concerns about the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program at the board meeting of the UN International Atomic Energy Agency on Wednesday.

The US warned Iran that it faces further international isolation and pressure if it fails to address concerns about its nuclear program.

“We are deeply concerned with what appears to be Iran’s unwavering commitment to deception, defiance, and delay,” Joseph Macmanus, the US ambassador to the IAEA, said at the meeting.

Western countries fear Iran is enriching uranium to develop the capacity to build nuclear weapons and have led several rounds of international sanctions.

The EU also voiced deep concern about Tehran’s nuclear work and said the Iranian stonewalling of the IAEA’s inquiry into suspected atom bomb research was “unacceptable.”


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