Warren Buffett’s “Generous” Contribution to the Treasury

Warren Buffett is “particularly impressed that you took this action before my challenge” concerning Rep. Scott Rigell’s contribution over $49,000 to pay down the national debt. Mr. Buffett matched the amount and this story makes good fodder for the media. Now here is the “but”. Mr. Buffett is in a dispute with the IRS for ten years over what he feels is his fair share.

How much does Mr. Buffett owe in taxes? According to an article on American Thinker, it is considerably more than $49,000:

Robert Romano, senior editor at Americans for Limited Government informs us that Buffett’s total tax bill is more than $1 billion. Pay up or shut up, Warren.

Mr. Buffett’s actions are the root of what we are experiencing on a global scale. It all comes down to power and this power will be concentrated in a small group of elites. In order for this new world order to succeed, the middle class must be eliminated: financially or physically.

Just to put this into perspective, the interest on $1 billion per day at only 2% is $54,757.02. Who’s laughing now?

David DeGerolamo

‘Impressed’ and ‘Delighted’ Warren Buffett Matches GOP Rep’s Deficit Donations

Warren Buffett will be writing a check made out to the United States Treasury for just over $49,000 to help pay down the national debt.

He’s matching voluntary contributions made this year and last year by Rep. Scott Rigell, a Republican representing Virginia.

In a letter to Rep. Rigell released today by Berkshire Hathaway, Buffett writes he’s “particularly impressed that you took this action before my challenge.”


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