Watch it Before it’s Gone

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8 Responses to Watch it Before it’s Gone

  1. a follower says:

    You are being used by a classic Yes man, a manipulator,
    Is Rabbi Will a real name in this world wide web, of lies and misdirection?
    Woes to Scribes and Pharisees
    …7the greetings in the marketplaces, and the title of ‘Rabbi’ by which they are addressed. 8But you are not to be called ‘Rabbi,’ for you have one Teacher, and you are all brothers. 9And do not call anyone on earth your father, for you have one Father, who is in heaven.…

    • Wes Rhinier says:

      Lon I sent you an email… also here is Rab Will on the Sledgehammer show..

      • a follower says:

        Thanks Wes,
        Did not receive an e-mail. Also checked my spam. Not sure how you would have it, yet if you do, please try again. i believe a private connection or a way to speak, one on one is better than out here in the bully pulpit, with all the self aggrandising etc…
        i will not give out any info on line yet i would, to you, through David.
        i can not watch this video. 7 minutes in and i am sickened. How could anyone listen to such whining and name calling and see the Truth?
        And their mission is to save others and lead them to Truth?
        i will probably watch the rest of the video for additional info. Sledgehammer show? Most people do not respond well to a sledgehammer!
        As far as Hebrew connections and Messianic;
        i was influenced by a messianic online brother and info on link below.
        And no i do not claim to know it all or to have all the answers. keep searching as an individual ,many sources and pray for discernment and glean the Truth as you go.

  2. Rabbi Will says:

    Thanks for the effort Wes!

    • a follower says:

      Can’t believe that you laugh and then Mock the Word of Yahuah. You laugh and relate this to the 5th commandment, thinking this verse is what? Totally irrelevant?
      Not referring to men as your masters has nothing to do with honoring your earthly mother and father.
      Does this not make you ask about the Catholics who also call their pastors, leaders, whatevers,Father, Masters???
      You are not willing to see that you may be missing something? Why is the verse there?
      And no, i do not see it as a stumbling stone, although there are many.

      From the Besorah;
      But you, do not be called ‘Rabbi,’ for One is your teacher, the Mashiak, and you are all brothers.
      And do not call anyone on arets(earth) your Father, for One is your Father, He who is in the shamayim(heavens.)
      Ῥαββί (Rhabbi)
      Noun -- Nominative Masculine Singular
      Strong’s Greek 4461: Of Hebrew origin; my master, i.e Rabbi, as an official title of honor.
      Who is our Master? Is it Rabbi will? Is it Father at the “universal church?” Or is our Master in the heavens, in our hearts, in our minds?
      i do as a general rule agree with Mathew Henry’s commentaries;23:1-12 The scribes and Pharisees explained the law of Moses, and enforced obedience to it. They are charged with hypocrisy in religion. We can only judge according to outward appearance; but God searches the heart. They made phylacteries. These were scrolls of paper or parchment, wherein were written four paragraphs of the law, to be worn on their foreheads and left arms, Ex 13:2-10; 13:11-16; De 6:4-9; 11:13-21. They made these phylacteries broad, that they might be thought more zealous for the law than others. God appointed the Jews to make fringes upon their garments, Nu 15:38, to remind them of their being a peculiar people; but the Pharisees made them larger than common, as if they were thereby more religious than others. Pride was the darling, reigning sin of the Pharisees, the sin that most easily beset them, and which our Lord Jesus takes all occasions to speak against. For him that is taught in the word to give respect to him that teaches, is commendable; but for him that teaches, to demand it, to be puffed up with it, is sinful. How much is all this against the spirit of Christianity! The consistent disciple of Christ is pained by being put into chief places. But who that looks around on the visible church, would think this was the spirit required? It is plain that some measure of this antichristian spirit prevails in every religious society, and in every one of our hearts.
      Matthew 23:8 Commentaries
      You, Will and Wes may well be my brothers yet you are not my master nor my Master! No one in man’s gov. or these ” universal churches are either”
      Become of the set-apart assembly.

  3. Rabbi Will says:

    I prefer a call before the email.

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