Wayne County sheriff suffers fatal heart attack

Carey A. Winders

Carey A. Winders, longtime sheriff for Wayne County, died after suffering an apparent heart attack early Friday, officials said. He was 57.

Winders was first elected sheriff in 1994, becoming the first Republican to hold the post.

County officials said Winders is believed to have had a “massive heart attack” while at home. He was treated by county emergency workers and taken to Wayne Memorial Hopsital, where he was pronounced dead.

“With heavy hearts, the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office is announcing that Sheriff Carey A. Winders passed away this morning,” officials said in a statement. “Please keep Sheriff Winders’ family and the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office in your prayers.”


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2 Responses to Wayne County sheriff suffers fatal heart attack

  1. Wasn’t he at the big 2nd Amendment Meeting at the steak house in Zebulon with the other area sheriffs and Moccasin Creek Minutemen year before last?

    • David says:

      Sheriff Winders was at the meeting. Although he did not speech too long, I got the impression that unlike Sheriff Harrison, he would stand up for the 2nd amendment. The videos are available on this site.

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