We Are at the Crossroads for Our Children

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1 Response to We Are at the Crossroads for Our Children

  1. Roger says:

    I do realize that our children are our most precious jewels in our Crown of Glory. I am worried what the future hold for our children when it seems so many are not raised with proper morals. The NWO along with o’bama and who ever else is floating their agendas around the world worries me/us for the sake of our children’s future and the fate of society.
    I currently live at the end of a dead end. I look to sell to get closer to a private Christian school where I can get the best education for my children without the garbage fed to them in the public school system. (anyone interested in a WV house w/24 acres, no neighbors, sustainable, should contact me ). If I can figure out how to avoid the shots the state requires I’d sleep easier too. My children are the more precious than gold and I will fight with all I have to keep them away from this vicious, corrupt and sinful world we live in because it is only going to get worse, soon. Amen

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