We have to Fight this Virus. We also have to Fight the Overreach of our Government.

People are oblivious.

Although this virus may be very real, the panic that is being created is completely unwarranted.

Are they crashing the market, frightening the citizens, and stressing out the population, because a bunch of sadistic assholes want Trump out of office before their crimes are exposed? Maybe. Trump has had plenty of time to arrest the criminals and it hasn’t happened. I think it’s safe to assume the Rule of Law is dead.

The media and the democrats are playing the citizens like a bunch of puppets and all this is doing is revealing peoples greed, pettiness and selfishness.

Meanwhile, the wealthy liberal do-gooders smile as our economy falls and everything in our country shuts down. The people that the elite claim to care about no longer get tips at work, they no longer get customers in their small businesses, and they are no longer able to pay their bills or feed their families.

This is political extortion. This “stimulus bill” is a death blow to the economy. They are already talking about needing another “stimulus bill” to get us through this mess. This is just another example of how little people matter to our government. They either have zero empathy for the common man or they know this pandemic is not as dire as they claim.

We are being robbed blind and our future’s will be ruined by these fiscal actions the government is taking in the name of safety for the “people.”

The majority of the people aren’t falling for this ruse. The people are starting to notice the dishonest media and they have long distrusted our government.

The media doesn’t care about the threat this virus poses. They care about advancing their political ideology. The government is also seeking to expand its power and is definitely not letting this crisis go to waste.

The elite will happily watch us suffer for their needs.

What emerges when the threat of this virus is gone? Will the threat of this virus ever be gone?

We have to fight this virus. We also have to fight the overreach of our government.

We need to start thinking about what our future holds when this “crisis” has passed.

Governments do not easily relinquish power once taken. They are currently seizing power like mad.

I believe we may already be past the point of no return. Economically I believe we are ruined. The greatest depression is fast approaching. We are watching our way of life be destroyed right in front of our eyes. Most people are oblivious and think nothing bad can happen to the good ole U.S. of A.  Well it’s happening and saying things will go back to normal soon is just delusional.

I don’t fear this virus. Granted I do not want to get it and take my chances with it. But the world as we know it, I fear is now over. It’s going to be up to us “We the People” to determine what rises from the ashes of the former United States.

We have some Dark Days to get through before we can have some sunshine in our life again.

May God have mercy on our Country.


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4 Responses to We have to Fight this Virus. We also have to Fight the Overreach of our Government.

  1. a follower says:

    No one is forcing Trump to go along with the added trillions in debt. In fact he is the one asking and pushing for more,more,more, all to the delight of many of our elected officials.
    Now the Q thing changes the perspective of these facts.
    They contend this is a good thing and seems to have been the plan all along. Crash it and they have a new system ready, World wide.
    Sounds like what many of us have been concerned about?
    Fairly spooky huh?
    And if this is the end of the world as we know it so be it, we can not change nor stop it.
    And we know that we should not be in fear. So i resolve to keep my eyes open and my ears. And live one day at a time as we are told. planning ahead and bracing for impacts as He directs me.

  2. rnevin23 says:

    Q has been promising things forever. I am convinced it’s a rouse.

  3. Roger says:


  4. Truth in Tension says:

    At one time I did have confidence in President Trump. After the 8 years of Obama I really wanted to believe in the things that he campaigned on. Even though I knew that he was always a New York liberal, I hoped that he was sincere in his transformation to a patriotic “Make America Great Again” President. The first surprise was when he appointed to his cabinet almost exclusively CFR and Goldmen Sachs people. So much for draining the swamp.

    The second surprise was when he recommended and actively supported “Red Flag” weapon confiscation laws without due process. This confirmed that he is not really a strong supporter of the Second Amendment.

    The next surprise was when he promised to secure our borders and reduce immigration but then approved multiple times significant increases in the number of H1-B visas for foreign migrants. I should mention I am not sure how much progress has been made on building the border wall, so, I remain doubtful on the progress on securing the border.

    Then with the unprecedented government shut down of the economy as a reaction to the COVID-19 virus the President and congress working hand -- in -- hand were able to find time to reauthorize the horrendous Patriot Act. And while there are many other actions that the President has taken that are of concern to me his enthusiastic signing the $2.2 Trillion COVID-19 spending bill should confirm to everyone that he remains a Rothschild communist / socialist cutout. I had hope that he would be the one financially responsible adult in Washington DC. in light of his past financial / debt problems but that was not the case.

    The banksters / Federal Reserve, mega corporations, illegal alliens, NGO’s and government organizations at all levels won the lotto with this new stimulus package. Once again it is clear that it does not matter wether it is the Democrat/ communist or Republican / socialist who are in power nether party will ever abide by the constitution and they will never ever allow a free market.

    Most Americans are still in denial but it is clear that America has become a Communist state.

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