Western Rifle Shooters Association Has Been Nuked

Waiting to hear from Concerned American if they will let him get a backup of the site. The window of opportunity for freedom is quickly closing.

David DeGerolamo

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9 Responses to Western Rifle Shooters Association Has Been Nuked

  1. SofaBob says:

    Whaaaa??? WordPress hosting is also censoring content? I thought the web would remain a level field and just the social(ist) media platforms were playing God. This is not good!

  2. Truth In Tension says:

    Please keep us posted on what happened.

  3. Timothy E. Tucker says:

    David, your site could be next. Plan B?

    • David says:

      This site is not a .wordpress site but you never know when the ISP may terminate my agreement. I personally pay for this site which is more than the .wordpress site costs.

  4. 173dVietVet says:

    “The further a society drifts from Truth, the more it will Hate those who Speak it.”
    George Orwell

  5. Peri McMillan says:

    VietVet, how right you are. The Internet Police don’t want the truth to get out there and they should all be hung along with so many others today. They are all working hand in hand to destroy the American way of life. Shame!

  6. Old South says:

    WRSA is over at Gab

  7. Andy says:

    Self hosting. Through a VPN. The only way to stay online in these times. Nordvpn can set up a static ip for hosting, and there are other options for dynamic ip. There are also distributed computing options, so there are absolutely ways to fight this. May cost some money, and there is a modest learning curve, but the hosting costs are nothing more than an older computer running ubuntu server and your vpn service, plus your domain name, preferably hosted in a friendly country.

    They can try to keep us down, but they will not succeed. There is an alternative to standard web protocols as well… please check it out and pass it along: https://itsfoss.com/beaker-browser-1-release/

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