What Are Your Answers to These Cogent Questions?

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1 Response to What Are Your Answers to These Cogent Questions?

  1. Hans says:

    The answer is so simple … people love their preferred form of tyranny.

    The “left-tyrannists” love their collectivism and will apply coercive force to secure from others a “consent to be ruled”. The majority of the remainder are “right-tyrannists” who will apply similar coercive force to secure from the left a “consent to be ruled”. Same behavior, different rule-set.

    The problem is man’s belief in “authority”, and his willingness to submit those operating the myth.

    There is a path out of this mess, but it is not one of revolution or civil war. I showed a hint of the path, via restoration of common-law, in my presentation at the PATCON:

    The only hope is for enough people to become disillusioned with this perpetual “dumb-show” and decide to become ungovernable … withdraw consent and end participation. Wherever possible, in every day and every action: IGNORE THE STATE. Become a voluntary outlaw.

    Politics is a “Strange game. The only winning move is not to play.” (movie: War Games, 1983)

    “Only those who feel no shame at being labeled ‘criminals’, have any chance at all of achieving freedom.” (Larken Rose)

    Deprogram your cognitive faculties … download and read “The Most Dangerous Superstition”:

    … then buy a copy for yourself and several copies as gifts for close friends
    … to help finance Larken Rose.

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