What Do I Do Next?

Excellent advice from “Spartan Monkey”. I do not know the reason why people are waking up at such an increased rate to our nation’s moral and economic collapse. Maybe the propaganda media cannot cover up the price of food, gas and “affordable health care”. Or maybe people are tired of being slaves. 

David DeGerolamo

A common question see in the patriot/prepper community is this: “I have no military background. I’ve been storing food, ammo, water, etc. I’ve got some training. I don’t have many folks around me that share my views. What do I do next?”

I began with a military background, then started adding in the typical prepper stuff like food storage, etc. IMO, it’s much easier to pick up prepper skills than military skills for the simple reason that it takes a lot of time and practice to become proficient in military type skills. Not to mention requiring a whole learning environment that includes having enough guys to form both your and opposing teams, commo gear, pyro, ammo, land, air assets (both rotary and fixed wing), mortars, etc. Plus, there’s a whole host of skills to learn like land nav, various types of patrols, marksmanship, leadership, etc. But have hope; you CAN learn what you must. You’ll need to do a lot of reading (military manuals), buy some DVDs, take some formal training, and practice, A LOT. Having realistic expectations about how fast your skillset evolves and how many skills comprise that skillset will help you keep a positive attitude, which will keep you moving forward. There is no realistic way you’re going to gain the level of skill and experience that an active duty soldier has. The good news is that you don’t need to learn to do a whole host of things like call for close-air support (CAS), or indirect fires, so the number of things you need to learn is reduced.


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