What Happens If?

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The Mueller Stasi

Here is a comment on a previous post concerning the bias against patriot sites:

If the sites that I read everyday, go away and can’t come back because the problem is deeper than we feared, how do we reach the masses?

Unless the FBI stasi are coming in force in the night to arrest you, how much deeper could the problem be? While this is a pointed reminder concerning the Roger Stone arrest, I want everyone to first visualize how much worse it could be. Short of outright executions of political opposition (Seth Rich?), the power of the Deep State is unchecked.

There are several scenarios where the patriot sites could disappear. Most of them would not impact the masses since most of the people would be dead. Let us assume one scenario where the sites are down but the government and its propaganda media arm are still functioning since I believe that was the question’s point. The simple answer is that we don’t reach the masses.

The simple reason is that we do not have the resources to organize now to effectively reach the masses. The proof is simple: the murder of LaVoy Finicum. There was no coverage on this FBI execution by any media. The only outrage was reported on patriot sites. Ask people on the street who LaVoy Finicum is and all you will get is blank stares. And the FBI was only more emboldened.

Our path forward is also simple:

Mission Statement:  Deliver high impact intelligence to shape a real-world, ground level understanding of America’s likely tumultuous future.

Subscribe to Sam Culper’s services and start to develop your area of operations. Without intelligence to analyze information, the only result is the dissemination of “news” which is no better than opinionated propaganda. If you are not organizing on an area level now, how would you expect to organize against a well funded, entrenched opponent on a larger scale?

David DeGerolamo

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