What Should We Be Watching?

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I watched the video concerning the propaganda campaign at a federal laboratory concerning critical race theory. The question I asked myself while watching is if the issue is actually racism or if it is an agenda to marginalize and reduce the police in the country. As stated in the video, 81% of Black Americans want no reduction or an increase of police in their neighborhoods. So the question is what is the end game of reducing police?

The ancillary question is why is the Democrat Party funding and encouraging the riots across the country? The answer may be this simple: the want people to give up freedom for security. Once we surrender our freedom, tyranny will take complete control of our country. Whether we surrender our freedom for security or to stop the spread of a “novel” virus, the end result is still slavery.

So who should we be watching? The government is the source of everything that is reducing our security, the rule of law, the Constitution, education and fiscal responsibility. If the government is the enemy, what is our course of action?

Although these are my opinions, I would encourage alternative explanations.

David DeGerolamo

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3 Responses to What Should We Be Watching?

  1. Some guy says:

    Here is what they want. Currently law enforcement in the US is handled unlike anywhere else in the world. It is decenterlized and each county and/or city runs their own local departments. As a result the majority of the LEOs are local to the area. Is it perfect? No, nothing run by man ever will be. But it is better than what they want.

    They want to do away with that as they have no central control. They want a federal level uniformed police force that answers directly to them. Do you think a guy from New York who is sent to little town North Carolina to work a rotation will give much thought to “orders” he is given? He will be gone back to his home after he completes his “assignment”.
    That in a sense is what they are after. Getting rid of your local elected sheriff or city council appointmented chief and replacing them with someone who answers to D.C.
    Do a little research it’s not hard to find them even say as much. In 2016 when Hillary was a supposed winner they had uniformed Homeland Security “patrolling” in the cities. She even gave a few speaches about expanding them to “assist” in more rural communities. They plan was to over time shift funding to that federal force and away from the locals. Until a point was reached that the locals where all “absorbed” into the new force.
    That plan died when Hillary lost, this is their new attempt.

  2. brewer55 says:

    I’m not sure how many folks are aware of this but, during Obama’s Presidency, his AG, Loretta Lynch, signed the US (in some form) to the Strong Cities Network. In essence, if there are situations happening (i.e., rioting) in urban US cities and the local police force is unable to stop it, UN Peacekeepers can be brought in.

    At the time, I did not see what the end game was in signing on to Strong Cities. However, that is also about the same time that Obama and the leftist controlled media began putting a microphone and a camera every time they saw the opportunity to denounce our policeman. It started with Trayvon Martin and has gone on from there.

  3. Some guy says:

    It’s simple, destroy faith in local Sheriff’s and Police departments is so they can install a federal police agency.
    We are the only country in the world that has a decentralized police model. They want to control it all. Can’t do that under the current model.

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