What Will The Post-Coronavirus World Look Like?

If covid-19 is indeed hastening the permanent disruption of the status quo, what will life in a post-coronavirus world look like? This prognosticating session builds on last week’s Economic Shockwaves roundtable: https://www.peakprosperity.com/econom…

This time, John Rubino, Charles Hugh Smith and Adam Taggart — also joined by Chris Martenson this time — discuss the myriad ways in the future may be permanently altered by the disruptions happening right now.

How will the economy, fiat currencies, jobs & the nature of work, as well as our general lifestyle, be forced to evolve?

What new solutions will be required and what shape with they take? All this and more is addressed in this video (1-hour runtime). These roundtables are always a good time as John, Charles, Chris and I not only enjoy each other’s company, but we find helpful value in tapping each other’s thinking.

The process always creates even more questions that we want to ask one another. After shooting this one, the group agreed that fertile future territory includes the housing market, retirement/pensions, which big cartels are most vulnerable to today’s disruption (e.g., education, health care, pharma, finance) and what benefits would emerge from breaking their industry strangleholds.

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