What Will We Fight For?

So I presented this video yesterday without comment,“There’s gonna be a civil war” pro-Trump supporters talk tough on impeachment

It took off like crazy, with a wide range of comments. Yet these two articles, Quigley’s Greatest Con and Must Read: Trump Impeachment And The Civil War Scenario with a different point of view barely scratched the surface?

The comment section is a mixed view of both sides of this argument.

Let me ask you a couple of questions. Do you not think the left knows what the likely consequences of impeaching Trump are? Is it stopping them?

I believe the Democrats and the Deep State want this choas. They want us fighting. But why?

I’m not sure what to make of Trump. Is he part of the Deep State? I don’t know. I like to believe in the good of all man. But I look past his words and into what he is actually doing.

Trump has given many fantastic speeches, yet not much has been followed thru.

People are going to say, well he is just one man, and he has no help. You have to support him, he is the only thing standing in the way.

I like many of you wanted to believe that Trump was going to restore the Republic. It’s been three years now. Doesn’t appear that it’s going to happen.

There are many and I am one of them, who believes we would be morally justified to take the necessary action needed against this Government. Ok so you don’t want us to go to war over Trump, fine. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. Anyone want to dispute that we aren’t long past this point? Are we just going to wait until they go for the guns? Is that the final straw? Is that the point of no return?

Is it that the timing just isn’t right? Or the environment just isn’t right? Afraid of being persecuted? I think many of us are willing and able to act, and would be justified in doing so, are we just waiting for the environment to get ripe to where it would make a difference? What if we wait until we don’t have a fighting chance? Or are we looking for that catalyst. Something that sets everything in motion?

When was the last time any of you have read the Declaration of Independence? I believe our Founding Fathers would be ashamed of us right now.

These Deep Staters, these Globalists, these Communists, they must destroy the United States to try to install this one World dream of theirs. Look I think Trump is either real and trying to do the things he said he would do, but is being stonewalled by the Deep State, or he has fooled us all and is working for the Deep State/Globalist. I’m leaning more towards he has fooled us all and we are watching Pro Wrestling at it’s finest.

So let’s quit focusing on Trump? Let’s focus on why would we be justified in Declaring Independence from this Government.

Ahh that’s crazy talk you say. Why? Why is it? What happens if we do nothing? I refuse to live as a slave which is what these fools in charge view us as.

I’ve often asked what keeps us from coming together in this Liberty movement? I wish I knew. I fear as long as everyone is fat,happy and entertained, nothing will change. When the pain comes, I fear it will be too late to act.

Thank you for always engaging in conversation here at NCRenegade. I look forward to your thoughts.


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15 Responses to What Will We Fight For?

  1. riverrider says:

    you can judge a man by his enemies, i was always told. that’s all i need to know. maybe the question is, why do they want him out so bad? and one last thought for your consideration, the dems aren’t that smart, never have been.

  2. zebblanc says:

    Here is a “test” that I give folks who seem to be content in their security and oblivious to the freedoms they have lost.
    Take a pencil and check off all those lines in the Declaration of Independence that apply to us today. If you find a preponderance of checks on those “He has” lines then read the last sentence in this declaration and see if you will support it..
    If not, then, ” . . . wear your chains lightly”.

  3. Remsdad says:

    The Armenians likely believed in the triumph of good over evil, as did many others. With God’s help and our sacrifices we can win this.

  4. downeasthillbilly says:

    The Founding Fathers risked ALL. Their lives, their fortunes, their sacred honor. That included the lives of their families. Patriots are not yet ready to contemplate the death of a loved one as a result of their actions. That is the difference between then and now. That is also something for the Only Ones to consider.

  5. The Hinoeuma says:

    Well, Brandon did point out that Trump was bailed out by Ross…a Rothschild agent. He IS indebted. For him to TRULY go against the Deep State, they wouldn’t impeach him…they would JFK him.

    And, yes…the Deep State wants chaos. They want us at each other’s throats. And, if we don’t fight & kill each other enough, Soros will just come in and insert whatever group is necessary (hired thugs) to foment revolution.

    It’s quite possible Trump “won” because the Deep State needed controlled opposition. If HRC had won, the ‘war’ would be directed solely at the gov. She would have lurched left & went after the Constitution, rising up a large swath of the entire US. With Trump, proclaiming his love for the country (MAGA) & the Constitution, that satiated those that would pay more attention to the gov corruption, than fighting ‘Never Trumpers’, if HRC had won. Her presidency would have gelled many together. Trump’s presidency has been schizophrenic but, stable enough to just mildly confuse, not cause outright, blanketed rejection. He tweet-storms to keep his followers agitated with “those folks over there.”

    With what Glenn Beck has uncovered, if we go to war, we need to make sure we know WHO & WHAT we are actually fighting. I wouldn’t fight to save a Trump presidency. A right to life & liberty without interference from outside sources or…inside corruption…that would be a reason to fight.

    Right now, the chaos only serves the One World Order group. This impeachment might as well be a Hollyweird movie.

  6. Jeff M. says:

    Trump’s accomplishments are large and significant. It just seems to me that he hasn’t satisfied your list of “honey do’s”.

    When Israel was about to be overrun by the Babylonians, and God’s plan was to send the faithful into captivity, God placed His mark on those who lamented and cried to God about the evil that surrounded them. Those who took up arms against the Babylonians were destroyed because they did not seek God’s will.

    Be patient and wait upon the Lord. You can’t solve this generations problems with earthly wisdom. The last days may be upon us. Everyone now has the ability to see the two witnesses that are prophesied to preach in Jerusalem now. Everywhere it seems like it was in the days of Noah. The iron does not mix with the clay. The government of man is crumbling. What can we do without Him?

    • Thomas says:

      In the book of Jeremiah it was much the same. God even sent them a decent king, Josiah, similar to our Trump, but the people were fat and lazy, content and preferring to hear pretty lies from their religious experts instead of what God actually taught, much as it is today.

      As it says in Corinthians,10:10 all these things were written (old testament) for our understanding upon whom the end of the world is come.

      These Satanists are raising chaos to prepare the world to worship in desperation a false god, Satan himself playing Jesus and whatever flavor of god you want. Even most Christians don’t know there are two Jesus coming. Waffling over a rapture seems to be a preferred strategy to have an excuse for remaining ignorant but well churched after worshipping the wrong Jesus.

      Things will be kinetic (worse than ever before) before they get spiritual but it will be too late to get the appropriate weapons training in (gospel armor).

      Lo I come in the volume of the book said Jesus. Most are too scared or lazy to hear straight from the Son of God’s mouth but prefer to water it down or filter it through the teachings of men.

      A very dangerous circus or church (same root origin) indeed.

  7. noway2 says:

    The sheer number of things that one has to acquire permission from “the government” to do today would leave the founding fathers aghast. We have far too much intrusion by “government” into our very lives to where it is clear that it has become destructive and rules without consent. What would we fight for? To rid ourselves of this order and oppression.

  8. 1chota says:

    in the wolf meme, it should be “prophets” not “profits”.

  9. montana says:

    Wes,you say the deep state/globalist/Commies want to destroy America.I agree,thats why they want to sucker us into starting a war.why else would they flood America(and Europe) with foreign invaders.why else would the commiecrats come out of the closet? And the top officials of the deep state are bragging about their tyranny/attempted coup(“thank God for the deep state”).no guerrilla war has ever been won without 40+ percent of the rest of the country backup/support.the commiecrats are there own worse enemy.let them continue bragging/campaigning on this commie police state platform till there own mother(and everybody else) hates them.if not the ministry of propaganda will make us the evil ones.besides,china and Russia would like nothing better than helping America destroy itself. The fedgov is going to run out of money soon enough.cant run trillion dollar annual debt’s for very long.america will NEVER recover from cw2.the only way to win this is to let the commiecrats continue to show mainstream America who they really are.

  10. a follower says:

    “I’ve often asked what keeps us from coming together in this Liberty movement? I wish I knew. I fear as long as everyone is fat,happy and entertained, nothing will change. When the pain comes, I fear it will be too late to act.”
    Have you ever read The Art of War by Sun Tzu ?
    i know that may sound odd from me, yet it is a very good book, and along with the Bible you may gain an answer to your question.
    In short, we can be scattered and individuals in this war, we are also together, and stronger this way.

  11. Rabbi Will says:

    The art of war is great. Try this read the books of the bible which were written in the same era along with it. It’s an interesting exercise

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