What Your AR-15 Lower Build Needs

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You get a special connection with something you make yourself. This statement holds especially true with firearms. I’ve owned several AR-15s, but the one I pieced together is the one I keep at my side. I suppose the feeling of accomplishment has something to do with it. However, to be honest I just like telling people that I know how to put together a selective fire carbine. I have little or no mechanical talent, but this does not matter because piecing together an AR-15 is fairly easy—just don’t tell anyone how simple it is!

All parts of an AR-15 are important, but the components that make up the lower receiver are especially crucial. The lower receiver attaches to every other major component of the gun, and a stripped lower receiver is the only portion that BATFE considers an actual firearm. You don’t need much to complete your lower receiver. Most parts are inexpensive and easy to come by in today’s market.

The Building Blocks

Stripped lowers vary in price greatly. However, as long as your receiver is in specifications and properly machined, you won’t have any issues. I own both aluminum and polymer lowers, and both perform very well. With few exceptions, even the low-cost bargain basement lowers to just fine. When you find a deal on a stack of lowers, move on it.


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  1. rogerunited says:

    Good luck getting a lower, now!

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