Where the F_ck Is Trump?

I read the following article concerning BLM:

BLM Uses ‘Mafia Tactics’ To Threaten Cuban Restaurant Owner With Diversity Demands

The owner of a Cuban restaurant in Louisville has decried a list of ‘diversity demands sent to him and dozens of other small business owners by Black Lives Matter activists – which include guaranteeing that at least 23% of staff are black, 23% of the business’s supplies are from black-owned retailers, and 1.5% of their net sales go to black charities. They also need to publicly display a sign showing their support for the movement.

If they don’t comply, the business owners face a series of “repercussions,” including social media shaming, ‘invasive reclamation’ where black owned businesses would set up competing ‘booths and tables’ outside the stores, and they would have ‘their storefronts fucked with,’ according to the Daily Mail.



I know that most people in this once great nation have no idea why the rule of law is not in effect. The executive branch is responsible for the enforcement of our laws and excessive regulations under the Constitution. A pResident who is more concerned about his image or his re-election is not what we need as Communism in the guise of racial equality is destroying our country.

Donald Trump's Nero Fiddling Tweet | Know Your Meme

America is burning as Trump plays the fiddle. Maybe he is right: nothing can stop CW II.

David DeGerolamo

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4 Responses to Where the F_ck Is Trump?

  1. brewer55 says:

    Yeah but heck, it was better than voting for Hillary, right??? /sarcasm

  2. Ichabod says:

    Trump hasn’t gone anywhere, he was never here to support us in the first place. He picked the team he could manipulate to win the election and played blue collar America like the fiddle posted above. The only person he cares about is numero uno.
    The fact the cops won’t round up BLM for extortion is unfortunately not shocking. Until someone gets a DA who will stand up to them, they are untouchable. They know it, too.

  3. healthnut says:

    Seems like a few people should show up at the DA’s home, and have a short discussion……

  4. Gryphon says:

    Most, if not all, of the DA’s in areas where Antifa/Black Lives Matter run wild and never seem to be Arrested are funded by Grygori Schwartz, bolshhevik “jew”.

    The poLice and ‘Persecutors’ of the government have been Ordered by their [[[masters]]] to Viciously and Violently Put Down any resistance, i.e., Self-Defense, by Whites in particular (and anyone who opposes the commie ‘protestors’.)

    Everyone who intends to Remain Free is going to have to use Violence to preserve their Rights.
    Every .gov minion who continues to advance the bolshevik agenda needs to be Killed.

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