While We Were Distracted …

Treasury suggests $2 trillion debt cap raise

Glenn Beck always says “Watch what the other hand is doing…”

“The Treasury has told lawmakers a roughly $2 trillion rise in the legal limit on federal debt would be needed to ensure the government can keep borrowing through the 2012 presidential election…”


It just doesn’t get any clearer than this:

“There’s your QE3, kids. The gross GDP of the US when Obama usurped the Presidency was $14 Trillion. They have already printed $5T, with AT LEAST another $2T slated. That’s $7T. They have debased the US Dollar by fully HALF of the GDP and will do it in less than FOUR YEARS. The Dollar Index is into new lows for the move and is hovering just above the huge 2008 lows at 0.7100. When the Dollar breaks those lows at 0.7100, and it could be any day now, that will be the lower G.I. effluvia hitting the high velocity rotors.

“Time to stop worrying about fake pics of Bin Laden on the interwebs, kids. Your economy and way of life is about to be slaughtered and bled out on the altar of Marxist Totalitarianism.”

Ann Barnhardt: Watching the Other Hand

What happened to all the rhetoric about not raising the debt ceiling ?

(cue sound of crickets)

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1 Response to While We Were Distracted …

  1. admin says:

    I am more than a little concerned over the misdirection by the administration and the media at this time. The fraudulent birth certificate, Donald Trump stories and Bin Laden have effectively sidelined the fall of the dollar:

    the purchase of gold by government central banks:

    the failed banks in the United States:

    and the economic issues: debt ceiling, unemployment and the price of gasoline.

    It is time to turn off the television and stand up.

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