When I started my business, I had to purchase software and a computer. One of the vendors gave me his card and a list of references. Not knowing any better, I did due diligence and called the references. I was quite surprised that all were negative which made me wonder why someone would give a prospective client bad references. I came to the conclusion that most people do not check references.

Which is the same principle concerning masks to prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2. As I wrote in an earlier article, If We Remain Ignorant, We Will Lose, people are convinced that wearing a mask is actually bad in a pandemic without reading the “references”.

I have two points:

  1. We have to do better due diligence. Why do you think our government was able to overthrow the Constitution?
  2. Not all masks are equally effective. Be very cautious concerning people who are spreading false information, intentionally or not. Our success in the future depends on information and intelligence. Misinformation and propaganda are effective tools used to divide us. In this case, bad intelligence will have consequences which may include your life.

I understand most people do not have the medical or scientific background to understand a peer reviewed published paper. But you can look at a paper and look for the following:

a. Is the paper peer reviewed?

b. Does the paper have a discussion or conclusions section with a p-value?

c. Does the subject actually match what the original article states? As an example, a cloth mask is not a N95 or higher rated mask.

d. Is there a hypothesis presented?

e. Are the testing parameters outlined?

f. Is it a random sample?

g. Are the control parameters outlined?

h. Can the results be replicated?

A normal scientific paper takes funding and several months to implement, test, analyze and make conclusions with a p-value. Then it is submitted to a journal for publication. The journal’s due diligence is to submit the paper to other laboratories to review and replicate the results. A few back and forths with the paper’s authors and the paper is published if the results can be replicated.

The above process takes years. So how is it that masks have been discredited overnight without any true scientific basis (read my link above)? And why can we not buy N95 or better masks? The why is simple: we will lose the impending civil war. I hate to lose because of ignorance.

David DeGerolamo

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10 Responses to Why?

  1. SofaBob says:

    Sir, if following orders and wearing a symbol of compliance makes you happy, by all means have at it. Ask the Jews how that worked out during the holocaust.

    My choice, which is none of your business, follows the medical professionals who’ve used masks for years and know why.

    On Halloween, a mask fits right in. If you’re a surgeon with a patient on the table, a surgical mask is the thing. If virtue-signaling your compliance with tyrannical edicts makes you feel better, then that’s your thing. But when has a mask or any vaccine prevented a viral infection?

    Our Constitution values life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. So do I and it’d be good if you did too.
    If you’re sick, I don’t need your germs -- just stay home and get better.

    (btw -- I thought this subject was already closed.)

    • David says:

      I thought this was closed also but people keep emailing false information. You can wear a mask or not but anyone who continues to promote a mask to be a symbol of compliance is just a covidiot. I like the way you twisted my argument to mean that I do not value the principles outlined in the Declaration of Independence.

  2. Don Leicht says:

    Do y’all recall the old Army saying “embrace the suck?” I’ve decided to focus on the positives of wearing a mask. Combined with wrap-around Polaroids and a hat, I can now defeat all the face-recognition cameras and software. I may continue being “fearful” and wear a mask for many months.

    • David says:

      One man’s fear is another man’s victory over the enemy. And the enemy’s useful covidiots.

  3. Pineslayer says:

    I agree with your post, masks help.
    The only thing I have a problem with is the ‘Peer Review’ thing. Yes it is a way to sort thru the BS, but if a scientist disagrees with the ‘official’ narrative, his ‘paper’ will have no positive reviews, or maybe none. The compliant will not acknowledge his dissent for fear of retribution.

    The Doc’s who state other possible remedies or talk about the dreaded herd immunity are labeled as heretics. When do us mere mortals listen to our gut?

    • David says:

      A peer review is supposed to critique and/or replicate the results of the submitted paper. In academia, personalities sometimes override professional requirements but a paper is usually reviewed by multiple peers. A peer review must be able to replicate the results of the paper. If they cannot replicate the testing or if they find faults in the paper, they have to document their findings. If other peer groups can replicate the testing, the group that cannot may not be used in the future. That being said, academia is all about the government grants to keep the professors in hog heaven.

      When do mere mortals listen to their gut? I believe the first step is to start reading the papers and educate ourselves on the terminology if it is not familiar. Chris Martenson’s videos do an excellent job concerning HB-19. I am very disappointed in the level of education in science in this country. We let ourselves and our children become indoctrinated to propaganda instead of reason. We have little to no critical thinking skills as is evident by the arguments presented for not wearing a mask. I use my education and intelligence in conjunction with my gut. My gut is telling me that this country is in serious trouble and we are at the edge of the precipice.

      The solution is simple. Let people wear quality masks and go back to work under the conditions used in China. See the latest Chris Martenson video where he embedded a video detailing their protocols in factories that reopened in February. Common sense procedures work. We only have to ask why masks are unavailable in this country to see the answer.

  4. Timothy E. Tucker says:

    “We only have to ask why masks are unavailable in this country to see the answer.”

    So, having asked the question myself, I see the answer as an act of war by the deep state PTB. What say you?

    • David says:

      I see war. The latest shot is a biological front. If you are in a war and have the ability to wear plates, you would be a fool not to give yourself the added protection. In a biological war, you must use the same logic to win. Imagine going to fight a war with a rifle but you refuse to take ammunition. You obviously will lose and impact the integrity of your fellow soldiers. People who are stating that masks are a symbol of oppression, Communism or harmful to your health are useful idiots. Until they are not.

      People say that they support the 2nd Amendment meaning the right to bear and buy arms. The other side knows that their victory must be the limitation or removal of our right to defend ourselves. Firearms are the guarantee of freedom against government. So extend the logic: initiate a biological war and limit the ability of people to defend themselves. No masks, no preventative care, no information. And the icing on the cake: use propaganda to convince people that masks are not useful.

      • Timothy E. Tucker says:

        Agree, and just as we continue to stack ammo, where are we going to get our masks and NBC filters? NBC filters? Yes, take the mask issue and extend it to the next escalation and we’ll all be arguing over the necessity of using gas masks! It is coming people,and it’s near if we rise up against these bastards that put the covid in play. We are sitting around waiting for the next big infringement when the stakes are less high? We’ll all have freedom to act when we have nothing left to lose?

        Look, they put most of us out of work and are bribing us with funny money, that they expect us to pay back. While we are being “cared for by the Nanny” maybe we should meet up at the campground and talk this over face to face. Make this widespread, county by county, or state by state.

        Be aware, all of us attending will be treated like criminals for simply showing up. If they go that route and want to cry about it, I’m for giving something to cry about.

  5. thisisme says:

    Great info as always. Only thing I would like to add from my years wearing a respirator while working in fiberglass/resin industries. Try to get masks that have a purge valve so you are not re-breathing your own unfiltered exhales. I have no data other than my own experience of maybe 10 or so years in surfboard manufacturing and boat repair. Used them in construction off and on for another couple decades after that. Keeps your glasses from fogging up so much also.
    I get the thing about not wanting to be a Compliance Nancy. That was my first reaction too. But that’s because I’m skeptical of anything and everything that comes from the top.
    There are an unlimited amount of reasons why you cant trust everything that .gov says. But you got to get the facts for yourself. It’s tricky because even a broken clock is right twice a day.
    We live in a time where it’s a full time job just to sort thru it all every day to get the truth. The good people of this country have been kept like mushrooms for generations. Gotta open the doors and windows and let the light in.
    Anyway Thanks for the site. It’s a big help. I had to say that after reading all the shit getting thrown at you. Keep it up.

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