Why Shut Down? COVID-19 Infections Would Plummet If 80% Of Americans Just Wore Masks According To Study

Despite what the World Health Organization and Dr. Anthony Fauci tell you, a new study has concluded that if 80% of Americans were to wear a mask, COVID-19 infections would drop by more than 90%.

and as Vanity Fair notes, consider this;

The day before yesterday, 21 people died of COVID-19 in Japan. In the United States, 2,129 died. Comparing overall death rates for the two countries offers an even starker point of comparison with total U.S. deaths now at a staggering 76,032 and Japan’s fatalities at 577. Japan’s population is about 38% of the U.S., but even adjusting for population, the Japanese death rate is a mere 2% of America’s.

This comes despite Japan having no lockdown, still-active subways, and many businesses that have remained open—reportedly including karaoke bars, although Japanese citizens and industries are practicing social distancing where they can. Nor have the Japanese broadly embraced contact tracing, a practice by which health authorities identify someone who has been infected and then attempt to identify everyone that person might have interacted with—and potentially infected. So how does Japan do it?

So what is Japan doing differently? 

One reason is that nearly everyone there is wearing a mask,” said UC Berkeley computer scientist De Kai, the chief architect of an in-depth joint study with Hong Kong University.

Kai’s study suggests that every one of us should be wearing a mask – be it homemade, surgical, scarf or bandana, like the Japanese are doing along with other (mostly East Asian) countries.



So why can’t we buy masks and why are our “leaders” telling us what is clearly propaganda?

Or let me put this another way. The virus was made in the Wuhan lab with funding by the US and Australia. Whether the release was intentional or accidental, we are now in a biological war which is destroying the world’s economy. If we are at war, we have to use the necessary tools to fight. In this case, masks are part of the fight.

David DeGerolamo

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26 Responses to Why Shut Down? COVID-19 Infections Would Plummet If 80% Of Americans Just Wore Masks According To Study

  1. I would rather be dead than be forced to wear a mask!

    • David says:

      Who said anything about force? Common sense should be the basis of your actions. Please explain what harm wearing a mask would do?

    • Andy says:

      What you mean to say is “I would rather be responsible for the deaths of innocent people than wear a mask.”
      There, fixed it for you.

      • Yes! Thank you for fixing that for me. Now do you want me to tell you what you really meant to say. LOL!

      • @Andy

        “And how we treat even the smallest, oldest, or most vulnerable of lives shapes the society in which we live—and our souls as well.” — Andy

        This IS the real problem with Our society:

        In the United States today over 2000 babies were butchered! DEAD!

        In the United States this Year over 308,700 babies were butchered so far. DEAD!

        http://www.numberofabortions.com/ -- They didn’t have a chance!

        • David says:

          And God will punish us for the genocide of our unborn. I often wonder when people will wake up that we are on the same side. The churches cannot or will not unite to ensure a moral society which would never tolerate abortion (or state funded abortion). The enemy’s most successful tactic is finding things that will divide us. Once divided, we lose. The example of wearing a mask during a pandemic is one such example. Arguing for a preventive measure to lower the rate of contagion is common sense which should never be a point of division. If we cannot see through simple deceptions, the enemy will win. Or more precisely, we will lose due to not seeing with our eyes or hearing with our ears.

        • Andy says:

          @ Thomas Dowling
          On this we agree 100%.

          I might add that protecting the unborn and protecting those around us are not mutually exclusive. Deaths from the CCP Virus and the murder of unborn children… masks are designed to protect others in the event WE are contagious with this disease. I submit that 30-60 days of everyone wearing masks and the CCP Virus would be all but gone.

          Abortion is murder. Causing someone to die because someone who is infected and not taking proper precautions (wearing a mask) is negligent homicide, IMHO. The problem is, of course, that we can be asymptomatic for two weeks and spreading this evil thing everywhere.

          We should not be so proud that we cannot prevent both.

          “Clothe yourselves, all of you,with humility toward one another, for “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.”
          1 Peter 5:5”

          It’s okay to wear a mask… it shows that you care about the health and lives of others.

          (And yes, I realize that I quoted the wrong book below… know it was Animal Farm, but this is a reminder that I should not post late into the evening when I’m tired and mad).

          • The masks are not for protection or even a proper precaution.

            The masks are a badge of submission to evil.

            UN-Natural – like burkas.

            Masks are NOT OK! -- Resist!

            “Therefore submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” — James 4:7 (NKJV)

  2. Andy says:

    So, still cannot find N95 face masks anywhere. We bought 4 2-packs at Lowes back in March, and have been reusing one of them, sterilizing after each use with a UV-C wand. However, regular face masks are finally becoming available… amazon has the Suncoo in stock (unfortunately made in China, so won’t be buying those) but even a bandanna is far better than nothing. Made in U.S.A masks can be found on etsy:
    Still, most people let pride prevent them from wearing masks, and that is what is making it so much worse for the rest of us who are actually responsible.

    • David says:

      We bought two 3D printers and make our own masks in a variety of sizes. We use HEPA filter vacuum cleaner bags for the filters. When the government tells you not to wear a mask in a pandemic and limits the availability of masks, that is your clue to wear masks. It is also a great time to measure the sapience of other people in your community for future considerations.

  3. ,Matt says:

    Used properly they would certainly help. Used the way I’ve seen most people use them, they’re likely making the situation worse.

    • David says:

      Let assume your second statement is correct. What does that say about the education of our people in this country if they cannot even manage simple sanitation principles? What does it say about people who argue for implementing simple sanitation principles?

      • Matt says:

        Agreed. It says there’s a lack of education. I think the average person has enough intelligence to understand the situation, I recall walking out of my office and watching a girl in scrubs lose the mask on her face, grab for it and it fell on the ground. She picked it up and put it in her pocket. I said, I was curious as to what she was going to do when she lost it and said, “that will get you”, she agreed.

        Clearly improved hygiene is called for, but we need to be cautious of TSA type security theater.

        • David says:

          Our 3D printed masks are easily sanitized and the HEPA filters are easily replaced. The problem with the government sponsored mask shortage solved. If every high school required a basic health class that was worthwhile in order to graduate, we would not have this issue. It makes you wonder why the government wants the people to be ignorant?

  4. Common sense tells me that Healthy people should NOT be wearing masks in public as it is very unhealthy breathing and recycling our own crap. We must NATURALLY be breathing and building up our immune system.

    Self-evident! Nature IS self-evident!

    We can build our immune system with proper diet, sunshine, fresh air, crowds, exercise, and vitamins (C & D).

    It’s very sad for me to see people being manipulated, programmed and conditioned.

    It’s always about power and control!

    • David says:

      Based on your logic, health care workers should not wear masks. My masks have filters. If we were breathing our own crap, we would be breathing carbon dioxide and suffocate. I take vitamins and work outside whenever the weather permits. I can tell you that farming is harder than expected but very rewarding. I do not wear a mask unless I go out to the grocery store. As for your comment concerning crowds, see the consequences of Carnival, Mardi Gras and New York City concerning crowds and the pandemic.

      • I wonder what real percentage of HEALTHY under 70 year old people with a good immune system died of the kung-flu virus at Carnival, Mardi Gras and New York City.

        • David says:

          The real question is why don’t we already know. I still believe this is a cover for the economic collapse. I am well prepared but many are not. Pray for the people.

          • Andy says:

            Another question is why Mr. Dowling’s question is relevant. Now, he hasn’t said it in so many words, but it appears to me that he assesses the value of human lives based on age and health status, and he can’t be bothered to wear a mask to protect those who do not meet his criteria for saving from COVID-19, which he may indeed have and yet be asymptomatic.

            It should not matter a person’s health or age, what a person can or cannot do, enjoy or not enjoy, because each and every one of us bears the image of God. And how we treat even the smallest, oldest, or most vulnerable of lives shapes the society in which we live—and our souls as well.

            His attitude reflects the narcissism and abject arrogance of today’s America. Too bad… his photo shows a photo of a man who served or serves his country… guess I expect too much.

            From 1984… “All animals are created equal. Some are just more equal than others.”

          • I bet the number is 0 or extremely close to it and that is why I freely choose not to wear a mask.

            Fear is the language of slaves. A society of mask wearers is completely weird and unnatural. It’s just wrong!

            And yes health care workers should not wear masks except for certain situations like surgery or whatever they were wearing them for in the past.

            I agree with your point on the economy!

            Also, the fear could additionally be used to begin a cashless society for more control. Money is dirty and germy.

            When I go shopping, I now ask for cart that has not been wiped down as I have been rolling in dirt and germs since I was a little kid and survived.

            “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” LOL!

    • animal_lover says:

      I’m not saying there is no virus, but I’m not wearing a mask to acquiesce to what is an attempted government takeover of our rights. I’m not trying to be selfish, but why is everyone else’s health my responsibility? If someone is concerned about being susceptible to the virus, they should stay home. By everyone staying home and wearing a mask, it doesn’t flatten the curve, it just moves it further down the timeline.

      And on the same note, if everyone must be responsible for everyone else’s health, then the health of our economy should also be everyone’s responsibility, but it sure doesn’t seem that way.

      • David says:

        And this is why we no longer are able to maintain our Republic. The concept of public virtue was the foundational keystone for our founding fathers as outlined in the 5000 Year Leap. I see no logic in wearing a mask to be an acquiescence to the government. The flattening of the curve prevents the hospitals from being overloaded. I will not respond to straw man arguments concerning the deflection to the economy other that to point out that Brandon Smith is correct: the governments are using the pandemic as cover for the inevitable economic collapse.

      • Andy says:

        And this is another example of completely missing the point. No one is suggesting that you stay at home AND wear a mask. For God’s sake, just have a little compassion for those who are clearly inferior to you in terms of health. Did you read the article?

        Japan has one of the highest numbers of persons per square mile in the world, yet they are at the bottom of the list for cases and deaths. Why? Logic would suggest because they are all wearing masks. But that is the difference between Japan and the United States. In Japan, children at a very young age are taught manners, and morals. Something clearly lacking in the country.

        We no longer live in a society. We are all just a bunch of fracking “ME ME ME ME ME’s”. I can guarantee you there are thousands of people mourning the loss of a loved one right now and they know, deep inside, that their loved one is DEAD because they gave them the CCP Virus, and KNOW it could have been prevented with a mask. Too late. They’re DEAD. I guess they deserved to die because they do not meet the new and sudden concept of superior health and/or age. Reminds me of Herrenrasse.

        People failing to wear masks is going to cause the government takeover everyone is so desperately afraid of. Don’t you think they know that? Yes, the government is evil. Yes, they want to take ALL of our rights. And everyone stomping their feet screaming MUY FREEDOMS is going to cost all of us OUR FREEDOMS. But no one will hear me, and I’ll just get back to my farm and stay the hell out of the way when YOUR FREEDOMS are stripped from you because of your pride and your desperate ignorance combined with arrogance.

  5. Bricky says:

    What about eye protection? Viruses can easily enter unprotected eyes with or without glasses.

    All too many times I have watched last resort home made masks slide down on the faces of people shopping and working in the stores. They tend to use their diseased hands (diseased rubber gloves) to lift up their home made failing masks while touching their nose, face, hair or glasses at the same time. Should we take a shower, disinfect our clothes after we go out in public?

    There have been plenty of doctor pictures posted on the web showing all their protective gear needed when treating patients in hospitals.

  6. lon haney says:

    Who wrote the article from vanity fare?

  7. “0.125 microns is SMALLER than 0.300 microns. THEREFORE, N95 masks DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to block CoronaCold by Gates (TM), even when rigorously custom-fitted. Hence the unstoppable healthy spread of the virus and herd immunity.”
    “The ONLY THING that masks do is signal SUBMISSION TO THE LIE, a loud-and-proud declaration of being contra-educated and fully subscribed to the most infantile forms of magical thinking.”

    https://www.barnhardt.biz/2020/05/10/masks-do-absolutely-nothing-except-indicate-a-persons-submission-to-the-lie/ -- Read It ALL!

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