Why So Serious?

The other side is panicking. And organizing. Do you see it?

David DeGerolamo

h/t WRSA

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1 Response to Why So Serious?

  1. Bill says:

    not only do they want to crush us they want to murder us and our families once they get the control again. Please, don’t think for one moment they wont try enact laws to penalize us, put us all in internment camps and kill us off using all the lawless government agencies, once this begins then we all need to take the gloves off and begin what they always wanted ( WAR ) and the big losers will be all of them. You see, these are outright devious evil sadistic communist butchers and this what the demon-rat party has morphed into. It’s a party of freaks, deviates, perverts, pedophiles, lesbos, sodomites and every other filthy perversion you can think up.

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