Why you need a SW M&P 15-22

One thing we can all agree on is that while square range shooting is not fruitless, for what is coming a more dynamic approach is needed. Drills, IDPA, 2 gun rimfire, 3 gun and simply shooting while moving are all things that can be inexpensive ways to get usable trigger time putting lead to targets in a way that POUNDS THE FUNDAMENTALS INTO YOUR LIZARD BRAIN SO YOUR HIGHER BRAIN CAN BE WORKING OUT OTHER PROBLEMS.

What this means is that the actual running of the weapon system takes no thought. Aiming both eyes open and pulling the trigger when the dot is in the right spot becomes something you don’t even think about, it just happens. Mag swaps just happen, you roll the weapon left, look to see the bolt locked back, eject and insert, smash the paddle and back to shooting, all is done in front of your face with eyes on target while moving….without your higher brain having to use any power to get it done.

Sounds hard to new shooters, because it is. It takes time and it takes dedication. Spending $300 per case of decent 5.56 is something that causes concern to those of us with expenses, such as paying for that piece of land so you can follow Remus’ advice to stay away from crowds.

I’m not suggesting you don’t need to learn small unit movement or combat casualty care from a real trainer, but that you CAN get yourself to a better place by organized or unorganized matches and have a load of fun while doing it …. plus getting to be closer with your tribe. Tribe, you know those folks you are expecting to watch your six and help you actually make it past the first 90 days of the complete chaos of a real event.

What if I told you that for the cost of one case of 5.56 you could get some usable drill time that directly correlates to your fighting carbine. A weapon new shooters won’t be intimidated by and that 1100 rounds of ammo for it costs about $40 at Walmart.

PSA has had the M&P 15-22 on sale for $299 https://palmettostatearmory.com/sw-mp-1522-sport-22lr-rifle-10208.html for a good while. Get one, just do it. If you’re daddy war bucks and buy a case of 5.56 every weekend, good for you and congratulations on being a wealthy man, for the rest, read on.

Are there some differences……Yes, the charging handle stroke is shorter, yes the weapon is lighter, yes the recoil is non existent…SO WHAT! The controls are the same, you can swap to any milspec size stock, use any AR trigger you want and hang a white light or forward grip/hand stop on the Mlok rail to mimic your fighting carbine. It DOES CORRELATE people, it trains the fundamentals into your brain. Shoot a thousand on a Saturday and then shoot a hundred in your 5.56 and see how much faster you get. It works.

Get yourself some steel EBay targets or paper plates or whatever, set up some straw bales or plastic drums for cover and get some friends together. Set your allowed angles of fire to stay safe and get out there and create some scenarios and have some fun while pounding THE FUNDAMENTALS INTO YOUR LIZARD BRAIN FOR PENNIES.

I know I’ll get some haters from their couches who will decry me as an idiot for suggesting a 22 that eats and spits Federal bulk out like a sewing machine could possibly teach the rubes to be operators and stuff….

Let me tell you something, I’ll take a guy who shoots IDPA, 2 gun rimfire matches or 3 gun regularly over a guy who has taken a couple of $500 classes back 2 years ago EVERY SINGLE TIME to go with me to shoot people in the face.

Mags seems to be in short supply, I found some at CDNN for $16.99 and like $6 flat rate shipping. I have 4 total which is enough. Got another Sig Romeo 5 RDS which is still the deal of the century at $120 from PSA. The rifle comes with real Magpul sights which are like $85 for free. I bought a Volquartsen extractor on EBay for $15 because I have in the past sent 2 of these back for extractors chipping and even though they have a lifetime warranty you have to send them in for any repair. I stuck a PSA EPT trigger I had laying around in it because the one it comes with is a creepy heavy one, it’ll get a flat CMC soon like all of my carbines and AR pistols. Put a 2 point sling on it and go to work……

Or don’t, sit there and type about muh cold dead hands and feel confident that you’re squared away because of that class you took in 2009.


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3 Responses to Why you need a SW M&P 15-22

  1. David says:

    Agree. You can never train enough with basics. As our valiant leader states: slow is smooth, smooth is fast. And please buy airsoft and practice moving/move drills.

  2. Crawfisher says:

    I purchased one today based on your recommendation. I am new to shooting, will put this to good use as described.

    • lawless says:

      That is so awesome, congratulations! I am finalizing our group’s use of a local outdoor range for a monthly group match/training today so we can get more serious. Please let me know how it goes and buy all the Federal 550 bulk you see at Walmart LOL, they run well on it.

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