Worry about YOUR community and YOUR family and YOUR friends.

The following article is from Mosby so be forewarned about the language.

You may not agree with his assessment but it is the best wake up call I have seen in a while. The enemy is at our gates. More importantly, our Statist government has unlocked the gates for them to enter. Here is the one essential aspect that was left off his list: Got Faith?

David DeGerolamo

h/t WRSA

Skull-Stomping Sacred Cows….with an important postscript

The “revolution” will only be achieved through the development of relatively small, extremely tight-knit tribes and bands of people, capable of existing within or without the socio-economic mainstream, who spread their message, face-to-face, to individuals and groups with whom the mainstream has lost credibility of intimidation. This autonomy—the collective independence—is the only thing that poses enough of a “threat” to the mainstream status quo, to be effective.

Ultimately however, for that autonomy to be effective, it has to be….real.

You can blame liberals all you want, but doing so is intellectual cowardice. “Statists gonna state.” It’s the nature of the beast. We have LET them achieve their aims. It is only through tribal efforts at the local level that we can reclaim our values. There is no possible agreement between the values of traditional western liberty and the Statist. In rebelling against this, we have to be willing to recognize—and accept at the visceral level rather than the intellectual level—that it is a total war against us.


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