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2 Responses to Yep

  1. bob says:

    The Dumming Down of America, has been going on for a while, it really got going strong in the late 70’s Kids today and I’m taking about in the 18-50 years old range are basically walking Idiot’s who can’t carry on a conversation about anything that requires some intelligent all that they can vomit out is the liberal socialist Democratic garage that the Government indoctrination centers that known as our Public school system has fed them. One lie after another has been brought into the American homes from School and has become part of the belief system in most homes, The Bible is full of myths, Homosexuality is normal, America is a racist country,and on and on the lies go,until now we have this disaster where most Americans will accept anything that this Evil Anti Christ government tells them to believe,I don’t know if Most Americans can be Saved,because first a person has to realize that they need saved,I think the majority of America has went beyond that point and have given themselves over to evilness and Will be the ones that kill the Children Of God and think that they have done God a service.

  2. Gail Jansen says:

    The American Education system K-12 thru post graduate degrees is a first rate money pit which is used for pilfering by public officials. I have my prestigious post graduate degree from a 5-star university which had a $32Billion dollar endowment/stock portfolio and they were ‘poor’. The local school district where I live (our 59K person rural county has 17 public school districts) has an income from state and federal sources of $19M for 1200 students. There is no roll of college graduates, inventors, or cultural leaders. Mostly, the kids are groomed for the active and lucrative drug trade Schools here scream chronically that they need money ‘for the kids’ which is a pit which never gets filled. Bella Dodd, a self-confessed, high ranking American communist in the 50s, was given the task of starting the NEA (Teacher’s Union) to achieve the Communist Manifesto in the US; and they have. Conversely, I love to learn. I read every spare minute I can. My most treasured part of being human, other than Christ, is my ability to think. And, even my relationship with God is possible largely due to my mind and my training on how to use it. That, to me is is the key, human beings learn best when they are empowered to think. Critical thinking is almost a subversive activity as it relates to US educational institutions today. Critical thinkers like ‘bob’ who commented before me have to be willing to lead the few people who will listen, out of the captivity which is coming. I-Phones and Twitter won’t do it. God bless us all.

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