You Just Lost 3.7% of Your Savings in April

The US dollar index on (DXY:IND) compares the value of our Federal Reserve Notes against a basket of other world currencies. As the value of our dollar declines through redistribution and the unchecked policies of the Federal Reserve, the fruits of our labor (savings/retirement) are evaporating. Since January 1, 2011 through the end of April, the dollar has lost 7.59% of its value compared to other currencies. Almost half of this loss (48.7%) occurred in the month of April where the dollar declined 3.7%.

The price of gold has seen a meteoric rise in April as the dollar collapses and the quest for physical gold by governments’ central banks has become insatiable.

While our attention is focused on whether the “birth certificate” is fraudulent and a royal wedding, the wealth of our country is being drained without any consideration by the media or us. If we have allowed this to happen since 1913, does anyone think we will have a turnaround or will we see an acceleration of the dollar’s collapse?

Until we decide to stand up for our rights and property, we have only ourselves to blame. The thief will always rationalize his actions and redemption is never a consideration as he continues to steal from people.

David DeGerolamo

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