Emojis Will Not Stop The Islamists’ March



A great editorial from Michelle Malkin:

“While homicidal, suicidal and genocidal jihadists are busy plotting the next soft-target terror attacks on the West, docile Westerners are busy shedding cartoon tears and doodling broken hearts on social media.

European artists rushed to fill Twitter and Instagram with images of Belgian comic book character Tintin weeping after vengeful Muslim terrorists left the Brussels airport and subway system buried in rubble and dead bodies.

Residents of the besieged city — which recklessly opened its doors to mass Muslim immigration and criminalized the vocal dissent of those who’ve objected over past decade — meekly protested the Quran-inspired violence by leaving pastel-colored chalk messages pleading for “peace no war.”

Echoing the “Je Suis Charlie” and “Je Suis Paris” rallying cries that followed the January 2015 Charlie Hebdo jihad attack and the November 2015 jihad massacres in Paris and Saint-Denis, tens of thousands of people spread the“Je Suis Bruxelles” message with their thoughts, prayers and memes.

And, of course, there will be flags lowered and monuments lit up all over the world this week in the national colors of Belgium to show “solidarity” with Tuesday’s victims of The Perpetrators Whose Religion Shall Not Be Named.

To borrow a useful phrase coined by British journalist James Bartholomew last year, we have reached the oversaturation point of post-terrorism “virtue signaling:” Hashtags, avatars and animated GIFs ad nauseam. These are the easy advertisements and maudlin displays of one’s resolute opposition to an unidentified something that must be stopped somehow by unspoken means.”


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5 years ago

“…These are the easy advertisements and maudlin displays of one’s resolute opposition to an unidentified something that must be stopped somehow by unspoken means.

Pathetic fools. The something is not “unidentified” -- it is islam. Not “radical islam”, or “militant islam”, or “a minority of muslims” -- no, IT IS ALL OF ISLAM WHICH MUST BE DESTROYED

Neither is the means of said destruction “unspoken” -- it is only these pathetic fools who *refuse* to speak of the method which this destruction should take --

Quite simply, we should start by deploying high-yield Hydrogen Fusion Bombs on the twenty most important islamic cities — Mecca, Medina, Tehran, Islamabad, Tabriz, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Bahrain, Shiraz, Homs, Allepo, Ankara, Gaza, Bandar Abbas, Karachi, Jakarta, Makassar, Tripoli, Tunis, and Rabat… And make it clear that these twenty cities can either be the end of our putting islam in it’s place, or just the beginning.

I’m not talking about a unilateral action -- I believe that the US and Russia should (and given the right political political posture by the US, Russia would agree to) act together, with agreement established beforehand that this is strictly about putting the leash on Satan’s favorite attack dog; No other political change or advantage is sought nor will be obtained by either party (US and Russia).


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