Ever Wonder Why North Carolina Does Not Have a Firearms Freedom Act?

As rallies and protests are starting to catch fire in North Carolina, what kind of support will we receive from the Republican controlled General Assembly and Governor? I will admit that the last session made progress on the 2nd amendment front in our state. However, petty politicians in the GOP also hindered several pieces of legislation related to our 2nd amendment rights. The video above shows how HB 241 was not even allowed to move out of committee for a floor vote. A committee chaired by Republican Rep. Blust and with a majority of GOP representatives present voting. We can “thank” Rep. Phil Berger (R) and Sen. Tom Apodaca (R) for their successful efforts to block HB 111.

The Republican symbol is an elephant. Let’s make sure that the Republicans in “power” understand that we share a common trait with the elephant: we do not forget.

David DeGerolamo

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8 years ago

Pretty much written in stone: ‘A politicians 1st, foremost, and forever priority is re-election.’…Is there a ‘boot camp’ for these goofballs somewhere? Rule #1; NEVER stand out, always hide as close to the middle as you can!. Rule #2: You can always count on the majority of your ‘constituents’ to pay almost no attention to what we are doing up here!..etc etc ad nauseum.

8 years ago

How about a recall, there is no place for cowards…… We need to tell these politicians serve or go home.