False-Flag: Aurora – Building Their Case for Confiscation…

At this point I’m certainly not the first, but I will step up and call this atrocity what it is – the Aurora Theatre shooting was a false-flag attack by the progressive left.  Their desired end-game is confiscation of privately held firearms.  Period. That this comes less than a week before Obama’s anticipated signing of the UN’s “Arms Trade Treaty” in NY is a blatant act of terrorism, for the purely political purpose of stirring support for such an abrogation of civil rights and US sovereignty by a thoroughly traitorous administration.

The speed with which the leftist media seized upon the story with carefully chosen, agenda-supporting “details” offers plenty of substantiation to my assertion.  That a number of these “details” have already been proven false is the first proof that this was not an accident, but a willful and bloody contrivance by TPTB.  Now the facts are beginning to surface that this was a well funded, well orchestrated, and technically advanced operation, and there is no doubt that this was not the work of  “a lone gunman” – it will take its place as the latest ‘conspiracy theory’ that is far more than a theory.

I will say it, and I don’t care if the traitorous ba$t@rds come knock on my door – Put the Aurora attack on the same shelf as Brian Terry’s murder, the Giffords shooting, the Ft. Hood attack, Waco, Ruby Ridge, and Oklahoma City, and see the collection of “reasons to support gun control” being farmed like a death-crop by the leftist anti-gun underground in our country, plain and simple.  Fast and Furious didn’t work, so they need a new “vehicle” to stir public sentiment against our well-established rights and freedoms “at a critical juncture” such as the present push for the UN Arms Ban.  I expect that Aurora will not be the last incident of violence against our citizens this summer, assuming Obama signs this blatant constitutional violation, as there will be plenty of debate to be had before the Seanate votes on its ratification.

From Jim Merlino at Politico, among others, we are already hearing the usual whining and complaining in re. “better gun control”:

To begin with, mass shootings can be as much about mental illness and the  lack of a community as they are about unrestricted access to weapons. We can see  that spending on treatment and screening for mental illness is finally becoming  a bipartisan goal.

So why not reach a bipartisan consensus on reasonable gun laws aimed at  curtailing gun violence? Would limitations on access to automatic high powered  weapons like the AK and automatic hand guns make mass shootings less likely?

I’m no firearms expert, but it is time for those who are to make modest gun  regulation proposals based on facts and statistics — rather than nonsense like  international conspiracies to take away grandma’s hand gun.

Out here in Colorado, the National Rifle Association is  considered a left-wing Washington-based organization. Instead of this Eastern  establishment group, gun owners look to the Rocky Mountain Gun Owner as their  voice in the legislature and Congress.

A visit to the RMGO website today can give you a look inside the world of  this influential gun group. Right now, readers see that the big concern is not  the horrific massacre at the new Batman movie premiere last night in Aurora,  Colo., but the United Nations conspiracy to control guns.

The author, Jim Merlino, at least acknowledges that he is “no firearms expert”, but then he goes on to make a total fool of himself by not knowing so simple a thing as the difference between automatic and semi-automatic modes of fire.  He also considers an AR-15 and an “AK” interchangeable – probably because they are both “evil assault weapons” – without the slightest regard for journalistic rigor or technical comprehension of the topic.

This is the typical game plan for all leftists – when they’re not ignoring the valid concerns of their opposition, they deride them as brutish and Neanderthal, and/or as fringe conspiracy theory… they refuse to engage in actual debate regarding the facts and circumstance of a given issue, and that is why political means (or any peaceful effort) will never be successful in dealing with their subversive agenda – they know that they are waging war…we need to wake up to this fact, and do the same.

They have accomplished their false-flag attack, and now the battle is fresh on to destroy the 2nd Amendment… they have raised the black flag of No Quarter, by killing innocent people once again.  FINE, WE ACCEPT YOUR DECLARATION OF NO QUARTER.

While not a firearms expert, Jim is a professional propagandist, with a long and documented history of promoting the leftist agenda for the past 25 years.  He and his commie clutch have created a number of front-groups which have, or are currently receiving federal grant monies and using them to promote communism, among them, “Feet First Educational Outreach”, “Invest In Kids” (IIK), and the “Amendment 64 Campaign”.

(Businessweek) identifies Jim Merlino (of Maple Drive, Broomfield, CO; graduated from Columbia University) as a President of Hunterdon LLC, a strategic consulting firm that provides political, communications, logistical, financial and media consulting services to political candidates and for-profit organizations. The same listing identifies Jim as a “non-executive advisory member” of the board at Liberty Resources Limited (LBY:ASX), of Subiaco, Australia – a front-company for the anti-gun arm of the Australian socialist party which, among other things, successfully campaigned for the elimination of firearms ownership rights in Australia.  The management of LBY also includes the following persons: Mr Andrew Haythorpe (Chairman, Managing Director); Mr Justyn Peters (CEO); Mr James Becke (Non Exec. Director); Mr Horst hueniken (Non Exec. Director); Mr Steve McRae (CFO); Mr Jake De Boer (General Manager).  Do your homework on them and see…


~Those who abuse Liberty, do so at their own peril!

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11 years ago

Are you sure you have the right Jim Merlino? Could this maybe be someone who you think is that guy but is really some 101 year old innocent man just sitting around minding his own business?
You’re absolutely right about the agendas put forth. Without the slightest concern for facts, they use precise language in their rants to soft pedal the message, making it all sound so reasonable so that idiots like Jason Alexander and Piers Morgan can bring their ignorant audiences to the table of “reason” and get behind the push. As far as I’m concerned, the 2nd Amendment means we should have access to the same weaponry as our armies if we are to protect ourselves from our own government. Now wouldn’t that upset some peoples’ senses if a bunch of private citizens has stinger missiles directed by drones.

11 years ago

I addressed the emotional propaganda for more gun control on the Bill LuMaye Show yesterday. We have Rupert Murdoch, Mayor Bloomberg and Mexican Pres. Calderon all calling for more gun control. I’ve also noticed what now appears to be a national talking point in the main stream media being used to push for gun control “People have a right to be free from the fear of guns.” Not only is this not a legal right but it’s impossible to achieve. There is no way to eliminate fear of guns or any other fear for that matter.
Rocco Piserchia on gun control & the Constitution
MP3 File


[…] I said it right after the Aurora, CO shooting, that it was a false-flag operation, that there would be more flase-flag attacks, and that the ultimate objective was abrogation of the 2ND Ammendment and confiscation of personal firearms.  I AFFIRM MY ASSESSMENT NOW -- THESE FLASE-FLAG ATTACKS WILL NOT ONLY CONTINUE, THEY WILL GROW IN FREQUENCY AND OBSCENITY.  They want you unarmed and terrified, they want you to feel totally overwhelmed and incapable of providing for your own safety, as this is teh basis of their control paradigm.  My response was plainly stated then, and it is even more absolute now -- “They have accomplished their false-flag attack, and now the battle is fresh on to destroy the 2nd Amendment… they have raised the black flag of No Quarter, by killing innocent people once again.  FINE, WE ACCEPT YOUR DECLARATION OF NO QUARTER.” […]


[…] I stand today in the twilight of my nation’s grace, looking into the darkness of impending war. […]


[…] I stand today in the twilight of my nation’s grace, looking into the darkness of impending war. […]