False Flag of the Day – College Station, TX


2:10PM/CDT Update -Police have confirmed that a law enforcement officer has died after injuries sustained during a shooting in an incident near Fidelity St. in College Station near the Texas A&M Campus.

CSPD says that more than one law enforcement officer had been shot in the incident, and that there were multiple citizens injured in the shooting.

Representatives for the College Station Medical Center say five patients have been admitted to the emergency room. Three had sustained gunshot wounds, with two complaining of dizziness and chest pain.   ~~~~~NNNNN~~~~~

Aurora, CO; Oak Creek, WI, and now College Station, TX – if you didn’t think they would keep turning up the heat, you were mistaken.  The whole idea is to make EVERYONE afraid…to have the MAJORITY beg for more law enforcement, MORE PROTECTION, and to heck with Liberty.

That was ALWAYS their plan…and now we are seeing it unfold.  These atrocities, and those still to come, are but a wave of false flag attacks on American Liberty – they will take many forms, they will strike in many places – it is called “Low Intensity Warfare”.

They will continue until a sufficient portion of the population voluntarily surrenders all claim to freedom and self-determination.  They know they cannot subdue us all, but if enough turn and submit, then they will be able to “clean up the stubborn remnants of a bygone age” and send us to the FEMA “re-education” camps… “Arbeit Mach Frei”, you know.


~Those who abuse Liberty, do so at their own peril!

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10 years ago

So the local police hired a guy with a long history of mental problems to kill one of their own so they could force more police officers on us? You sir are an idiot.

False Flags
8 years ago

These false flags are getting ridiculous. Never let a good crisis go to waste. I definitely see them using these shootings as a way to take away the 2nd amendment, but I could totally see them using them to create an even bigger police state, too..