First Use – I’m Claiming the Word FRACtard

By virtue of first use, I do hereby claim the word “FRACtard”, or more commonly “fractard.”  It is the truncated hyphenation of the words “Fractal” and “Retard”.

We all know what “retard” means – it is a pejorative which accuses or implies that the person in contemplation has a profound lack of intellectual and/or social capacity; someone who is socially or mentally incapacitated in some permanent way.

And a “fractal” is a geometric or physical structure having an apparently irregular or fragmented shape, but which follows a specific algorithmic construct which properly describes the shape or structure at any particular scale of measurement.  Below is an animation of the rather famous ‘Benice Equation’ fractal based upon a 5-pointed star –


So a FRACtard is an assemblage of offensive or obtuse individuals who, while appearing highly irregular and uncoordinated [unrelated], are actually an orderly assembly whose behavior is described by a particular ideological or social mnemonic or algorithm, whether they acknowledge the underlying mnemonic/algorithm which organizes them, or not.

Since the characteristics of a fractal are independent of the particular scale at which it is examined – we can in the same way contemplate assemblies of people of any particular magnitude – who subvert independent thought to such a behavioral algorithm when in assembly togetheras a single entity known simply as a FRACtard.  Several examples are illustrated below –

flagburn-neg-4flagburn-4 flagburn-neg-1flagburn-3

It is a mathematical rule of fractards that, no matter how many entities are combined to create the fractard at any particular scale, the whole will never increase in intelligence or comprehension – rather, the effective intelligence of a fractard is very closely correlated with the mean intelligence of those assembled to form it; and by which the mean intelligence statistically decreases as the fractard crowd grows in numbers.  IOW, fractards actually become less intelligent with increasing scale, not more intelligent.

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