For the Nay-Sayers, This War Will Be Quite A Surprise

For those who insist that we will not go to war in the Middle East again, the coming events will be quite a shock.  The US already has Special Forces (Rangers, Pathfinders, SOAR, Delta, 10th Mountain, etc) in the AO, which is pre-requisite.  Now, we have made a clear statement to the world that the US is committed, by sending additional naval forces into the region…something that any nation with a satellite feed can see for themselves.

In short, regardless of the merits of invading a sovereign country such as Syria or Iran, the Obama administration is clearly demonstrating a commitment to do so. Less easy to detect is whether Russia, China, Iran, or other neighboring nations are ready to fight with us, or against us…

The next few weeks hold the profound promise of being *VERY INTERESTING*, between the heightened potential for armed conflicts in the Mid East and elsewhere, on top of what may be the worst economic and political conflagration since the Weimar Republic…

Considering the economic and territorial sensitivities of several nuclear powers who have postured themselves in these matters to date, and the nascent Iranian nuclear capabilities, this situation has the potential to shift very rapidly from ‘typical posturing’ to  the beginning of World War III, including the possibility of a hot “Strategic Conflict” with nuclear weapons.


~Those who abuse Liberty, do so at their own peril!

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