George Zimmerman prosecutors ask judge to seal his statements, other evidence

FLA Court Gives "Double EFF YOU" TO Zimmermann With Gag Order

Katie, Bar the Door!!  Now, after the case has been tainted by the criminal activities of the media and countless “public figures” making false allegations and propagating false information, the prosecutor is moving to seal Zimmermann’s side of the story and prevent it from being heard “before the trial.”

I’d say, “before the election” is more like it.

(Orlando Sentinel)  Prosecutors want a judge to seal key evidence in the case against George Zimmerman from the public until trial, including the statements he made to law enforcement during the investigation of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin‘s death.

Citing a statutory exemption barring the release of confessions, the prosecution asks Judge Kenneth Lester in a new motion to seal Zimmerman’s statements, as well as any photos in the case which show the teen’s body.  ~~~NNN~~~

And what is this veiled reference to “protecting confessions”?  You are not confessing to murder when you enter a plea pursuant to the affirmative defense of  ‘Justifiable Homicide’.  This is just another obscene gambit by the state and the media to stir groups at both ragged ends of the spectrum towards unspeakable ends.

I contend that this constitutes yet another actionable corruption of due process by the court against Zimmermann (and thus against all Americans), considering the opposition already got to air all their “evidence” in the court of public opinion… and by so doing ensured that a “fair trial” is unobtainable.

In this case, any hope of a just outcome is being carefully whittled down to a fine point, as you would do with a pike… the only question is who will end up being roasted on it?

III for the fight,

~ Those who discard Liberty, do so at their own peril!

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