GRNC Alert 05-22-14: PA Reciprocity Problems – Is NC Next?


Our friend, Jeff Knox, at the Firearms Coalition, has issued the following critical alert (below). It looks like Pennsylvania needs our help, and this is the perfect chance to show that gun owners across the country will unite for a common cause, and will refuse to be continually subjected to harassment and illegal activities by government officials. Below, you’ll see what the Pennsylvania’s AG is doing to concealed-carry reciprocity agreements with several states. If this is allowed to stand, it’s only a matter of time until North Carolina’s reciprocity agreement with Pennsylvania is also on the chopping block. Here are important excerpts from Knox’s message:

Pennsylvania’s gun-unfriendly Attorney General has taken it upon herself to ignore the statutory limits on her power and modify – and even cancel – longstanding reciprocity agreements with other states.  Recently she has made changes to the reciprocity agreements with Virginia, Florida, and Arizona, and she has canceled reciprocity agreements with Idaho and Utah.

I suspect that Mike Bloomberg or the Legal Center Against Violence – or whatever those rights-hating San Francisco lawyers are calling themselves this week – have been whispering in the AG’s ear and convinced her that she can get away with this.  If that’s the case, be on the lookout for similar actions in other states.

Right now, we need to put pressure on Pennsylvania politicians to rein in the AG and force her to respect the rights of Pennsylvanians and folks who would like to visit Pennsylvania.

Whether you’re a PA resident or not, please let the Governor know that you’re not happy about the situation.  Not only does this mean that those of us wishing to visit PA are more likely to have problems carrying our personal defense arms, but Pennsylvanians wishing to visit other states are now at greater risk.

Tourism is a major industry in Pennsylvania and that got a boost a few years ago when the National Park Service ban on lawful carry on NPS lands was lifted – opening up battlefield parks like Gettysburg to those of us who avoid going where we can’t go armed.  That is now being jeopardized by the extra-statutory actions of this rogue AG.

If you’ve ever considered visiting Pennsylvania, let the Governor know that those plans are on hold until such time as the PA AG stops threatening the rights of responsible, licensed, law-abiding visitors.

The generally gun-friendly Governor’s email address is listed below, and you’ll also see the note I’ve sent him.  Please use it as a guide to send him a note of your own to let him know that his AG is costing his state business. You don’t have to say a lot, just let him know you’re not happy and you’re going to avoid Pennsylvania as long as the state’s concealed-carry reciprocity agreements are in question or voided all together.


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