Hagan Contractor Applications Raise Questions

U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan’s husband Charles “Chip” Hagan, a Greensboro attorney, certified to the North Carolina licensing board for electrical contractors that their son Tilden Hagan worked 3,500 hours installing electrical wiring and equipment over a period of 324 days in 2012 — requiring Tilden to work consecutive 76-hour weeks over that period.

Carolina Journal calculated the hours by comparing claims the Hagans made on applications Tilden Hagan filed for North Carolina contracting licenses in the “limited” and “unlimited” categories. On both applications, only one person attested to Tilden’s experience as an electrical installer: Chip Hagan, Tilden’s father. On the application for an unlimited license, a second person attested to Tilden’s experience: William Stewart, Tilden’s brother-in-law.

The executive director of the state board that issues electrical contracting licenses told CJ the board is obliged to investigate credible information challenging any license application, though he would not comment specifically on the Hagan applications.

Holding an unlimited license affords Tilden the ability to manage projects of a greater scope and monetary value than he could perform with a limited license. The experience requirements for an unlimited license are greater, but the licensing board allows applicants to use personal recommendations from people claiming to be supervisors without requiring any documentation to back up those claims.


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6 years ago

Anyone want to rely on the electrical system this bozo installs?…Bet your life, your families lives, your property, your business???