Hillary Is Going Down, And She Knows It

Wall Street and their Media Whores may have made an informed and rational decision to throw Hillary under the bus, but the plebs down on Main Street definitely weren’t consulted, and their reaction will be anything but rational when they see the buoy to which they had attached all their hopes and expectations get torpedoed mercilessly, like the target-dummy which Hillary has now become.

So the next line of questions is, where will the post-election violence start, how far will it spread, how long will it last, and will the lame duck 0bama decide to go all heavy with the ‘Top Down” aspect of the Saul Alinsky program, and crush the more excitable elements of the ‘Rainbow Coalition’ which was so carefully crafted and attached to candidate Clinton?

Interesting times.

Interesting times, indeed.

You do not have enough ammo, food, water, fuel, or medical supplies.

Welcome to the Jungle…

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Average Joe
Average Joe
5 years ago



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