History Repeats Itself

I originally made the following observations in February 2012, here.  And it seems that, four years later, we are indeed headed to an ugly place…


It seems to me that we might ought to ask ourselves, what is it which they keep trying to bring together, on this repeating cycle, which so interestingly coincides with the “presidential election season” here in the United States… because the excuse that it is all “coincidental” is wearing quite thin at this point.


Those who abuse Liberty, sentence themselves to death!

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The Willpower
8 years ago

That maybe some how, this country might get stuck with OEvil a third time just like Roosevelt.

a follower
a follower
8 years ago

No coincidences. When we realize this we see the patterns, we are led to connect the dots.

Tom Angle
8 years ago

@The Willpower, it really does not matter who is the next president. For a very long time now, each president has played his part in the plan.