I Am A Citizen-Soldier

I am a citizen-soldier; I am the very man in whom our founding fathers invested their hopes and their dreams.

I am a citizen-soldier; My Liberty is my own burden to bear, and I shall do so with dignity, and a happy heart, for I am free.

I am a citizen-soldier; It was me for whom George Washington knelt and prayed, in the forest at Valley Forge.

I am a citizen-soldier; My God is my strength, I shall not fear; He is my restraint in victory, and my consolation in adversity. I shall please Him first, and always.

I am a citizen-soldier; His call enlisted me, His Love sustains me, and His justice leads me, I need for nothing more.

I am a citizen-soldier; He has made me a leader, from a nation of leaders; I am a light against the darkness of the world, because He has given a Covenant for me and for all, I shall defend the Truth fearlessly.

I am a citizen-soldier; A rightful heir to this land, with all my brothers, all equal, all free, one nation, Under God.

I am a citizen-soldier; Let those who would oppose me be warned – you may kill me, but you shall never defeat me. My hope and my faith are Eternal, and He who leads me is the Author of all Victory.


~Sic Semper Tyrannis!

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11 years ago

Amen, let’s hear it for the Patriot no matter what his or her name was and is. Hurah! To bad the politicians have perverted the core beliefs of this country. Let’s kick them all out and start over.


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