Illegal Aliens Riot in Mississippi

(CNN)Authorities said early Monday they had put down a prison riot that claimed the life of a guard as it continued into the late evening Sunday.  A 23-year-old guard died of head injuries in the disturbance at the Adams County Correctional Facility in Natchez, Mississippi, according to county coroner James Lee.

“At one time, I know that at least 24 or 25 hostages were being held,” Adams County Sheriff Chuck Mayfield said Monday. “However, now all employees are out safely.”

The Natchez facility is a 2,567-bed prison that houses adult men who are in the United States illegally and charged with crimes.

Warden Vance Laughlin described the facility as quiet and with “few problems” in a March 2010 article in The Natchez Democrat, a few months after it opened to incarcerate “illegal immigrants detained for mostly low-security crimes.”

So, as I understand it, the majority of the 2,500+ criminals of “non-American status” housed in this welfare camp rioted freely for over 12 hours on Sunday, assaulting staff and destroying property, as well as setting multiple fires at various times and locations throughout this America tax-payer funded housing facility.  At some point, as many as 25 Corrections Officers were held by force in said institution of which they are supposed to be in charge, and as a result one of said Officers died and an estimated 16 others were injured. 

Now, the Libs would have us believe that all these illegal aliens are all “just poor, innocent people, looking for work, and to get a better life”.  To that I say, ‘Bull crap’.  America is being invaded.  We are allowing it to happen.  The US government is, in fact, putting out the proverbial cheese to attract illegals immigration from the furthest corners of the globe with Welfare, Food Stamps, Housing subsidies, “Earned Income Credit” checks from the IRS, and an hundred other “come an’ get em'” programs.

Here’s my solution: Close our borders to ALL immigration for a period of at least 5 years; Build that damn fence, and whatever other border security facilities are required; immediately begin arresting all illegals and deporting them without any delay or convolution of process.

When we start send the message that they really aren’t welcome, and won’t be tolerated, then the flow of illegal immigration will abate…not until.

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Peggy Ramthun
Peggy Ramthun
9 years ago

My solution would be to immediately STOP ALL free benefits to ALL immigrants, illegal or legal. Thy could not afford to live here if we stopped paying for their healthcare, education and housing, food stamps etc. It would not cost us anything