The Future of Insurrection – by Lupus Dragonowl – Void Network

Insurrection definition:

the act or an instance of revolting especially violently against civil or political authority or against an established government also : the crime of inciting or engaging in such revolt whoever incites, sets on foot, assists, or engages in any rebellion or insurrection against the authority of the United States.

I have been accused of promoting insurrection due to the content on this site. If I had an inclination to argue this charge, I would ask the following questions:

  1. Why is defending the Constitution and the rule of law considered insurrection?
  2. How can you not see that the people actually causing insurrection have attempted multiple coups against the President?
  3. If I am correct in defending the Constitution, is it not you who is supporting insurrection by aligning with the enemy?
  4. Do you think it is Constitutional to include the limitation of the invocation of the insurrection act by the President in an aid bill?
  5. Do you consider the enslavement of our children through debt to be an issue worth fighting against?

It does not really matter since the lines are drawn. The enemy has launched its final assault with the passage of a COVID-19 aid package which limits the executive branch’s ability to suppress insurrection against the established government. And yet, the enemy considers patriots to be insurrectional?

How many times does the enemy accuse us of doing what they are guilty of? I suppose that rhetorical question does not matter: we are now here. I want to extend my best wishes for Christmas to my fellow patriots. Spend time with your families and honor those traditions which made America great in this nation’s greatest time of peril

David DeGerolamo

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Gail Jansen
Gail Jansen
10 months ago

No, you are not guilty of insurrection. “They” or the rising Chicom traitors are guilty of everything. and then some. You have only been worthy, loyal opposition. I was reading yesterday that Nixon was forced to resign because everyone got together and refused to follow any orders from him. Sound familiar? The difference now is that Trump could call upon the people and we would be his army. Do you think January 5th is Trump’s attempt to call us to defend the Constitution and him? Yesterday I would have answered, “Yes!” But somehow during the night a vision came round and today, I’m adjusting to the fact that Trump will likely do nothing. Nothing serious. This makes me heart sick because I also know that Trump is guilty of failing to stop the biggest, most bloody war on USA ground. If anyone reads this, I would like to begin asking for a full pardon for Kyle Rittenhouse and a full scholarship to college. That’s the least we can do for this young man. Okay, Happy Holidays. Lord God, have mercy.

10 months ago
Reply to  Gail Jansen

Amen to a full pardon for Kyle Rittenhouse. As far as a full boat through colledge I would rather see all his legal fees covered & any incurred costs due to the stress this young man has accumulated due to this situation. Besides, I am not sure a higher education is a good thing any longer.

To David, NO you are not guilty of insurrection. This does not mean these toolbags will leave you alone if or when they get into office. I fugure they will hunt down and punish all those that have directed negative posts regarding the left. This seems to be the MO of all left leaning groups and governances.

Truth in Tension
Truth in Tension
9 months ago
Reply to  Gail Jansen

I agree with you. It appears that Kyle Rittenhouse has been forgotten. He should receive a pardon and so should Assange, Manning, and Snowden.

10 months ago

It’s time to make them tremble in their boots…
American Patriots WILL NEVER go silently into the night.
Enemies of this REPUBLIC WILL receive justice with